Donald Trump Says to China, “Listen You Motherf***ers…”

Can Donald Trump stop talking about politics and spend more time focusing on Celebrity Apprentice, please? The Donald delivered a speech to supporters in which he advocates “drop[ping] a 25% tax on China.”

I’m no fan of China, and I’m no expert on global economics, but does this sound like a good idea when China owns so much of the U.S. debt? Hmmm. Maybe we need a refresher course from Evil Chinese Professor.

Mac Slavo, who uploaded this version of the video, says:

Donald Trump delivers an F-bomb laden speech in Las Vegas where he covers everything from Obama’s misgivings to the middle east and China. The most shocking moment was undoubtedly his views on how to deal with China’s global manufacturing monopoly.

If Mr. Trump is anything, he’s to the point. However, we don’t necessarily agree with his assessment of how China may react to such a strategy. Let’s remember that they have some $3 trillion or so invested in the US two-thirds of which they have recently suggested will need to be divested. They hold the power right now, not us. Imposition of a 25% import tax, in our view, could be a mutually assured economic destruction for both nations – and we’d be much worse off than them. China’s response will likely not be to give us anything we want. The more realistic scenario is that it will, as it has in the past, lead to suggestions that America is committing an act of war. Let your imagination run wild with what the end result of pushing China on this issue might be, because we don’t think it is as simple as Mr. Trump makes it out to be…

h/t: AsiaMediaWriter

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