The 8Asians Talk About: The ‘Marijuana Grannies’

Our internal e-mail lists have us discussing all kinds of stuff: Asian American identity, representation in the media, the experiences of activism in an academia setting and its progression as we transition to the working, adult world. And sometimes, we talk about old Chinese ladies growing weed. Reefer. Shanghai Sally. (Okay, that’s opium. But still.)

We would like to remind you that while YOUR mother is demeaning you to play the piano and get into Harvard, two Chinese ladies your mother (or your grandmothers!) age are now in prison in San Mateo County. That’s right: 72-year-old Aleen Lam and Virginia Chan Pon, 65 were arrested for being in possession of 800 marijuana plants. EIGHT HUNDRED. In words and in capital letters, because holy shit, I associate 70 year old Chinese people with people squeezing my cheeks telling me I should lose weight! Or, now that I think about it more, my parents. [sigh]

Here what we have to say, after the jump.

Ernie: Would I be going to hell if I said that Virginia Pon looked like Kim Jong-Il?

Efren: I swear, they look like an old school Asian lesbian couple.

Joz: I just have to say that these women look great for 72 and 65… yay Asian youth genes, activate!

Moye: “She is already facing charges in Yolo County for allegedly passing more than $40,000 in bad checks over a three-day period at Cache Creek Casino.” *sigh*

Efren: Now I know what Joz and Moye are going to do when they get older…

Moye: You mean, Ernie and Joz? Japanese people don’t gamble. 😛

Moye: Wait, that’s so not true. My dad’s side of the family were all gamblers. I lose. See you in Yolo County, Joz.

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