Rakenrol Review From 2011 LAAPFF

I. Freaking. Loved. Rakenrol.

If there’s any film that can get me to yell at the movie screen because I care about the characters so much, it’s a tell-tale sign that it has my absolute complete attention. Which in this case, Rakenrol succeeded this criteria in magnificent spades. This film, which took 5 years in the making due to financing issues, is a beautiful story about Odie (Jason Abalos) falling in love with his best friend, Irene (Glaiza de Castro). These two eventually form a band that consists of the school bully playing drums and the ex-punk-turned barista, and a former child star as their manager. Mix High Fidelity, Once, and a touch of Kevin Smith crudeness set it in the world of Filipino rock music, and you have Rakenrol.

The well-crafted characters and the compelling draw of the story more than makes up for its slightly wonky technical aspects, which involves several bizarre ADR sound sessions with the film’s handsome douchebag character Jacci Rocha and parts where the film quality was magnificent and at others, where it looked like a home made movie. Did I mention that it took 5 years to make this film? This is a testament that the entire crew and cast were extremely committed to finishing this project, that Asians never age and we always look young forever.

I know for sure I’m getting the DVD/Blu-Ray for this film when it comes out. If Rakenrol ever plays in your local area, WATCH IT. I guarantee you will have a blast, laugh your arses off, and maybe, you’ll even yell at the movie screen like I did. It’s just that good.

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