Commenter Spotlight: Elliott

Commenter Spotlight is a weekly interview with the people who comment on – whether what they have to say is insightful, touching, humorous or controversial, they’ve earned the respect of other readers.

8Asians readers, meet commenter Elliott:

Tell us a little bit about yourself. Where are you from? What do you do for a living?

Till eighteen, I grew up in Taipei, Taiwan, a “hidden immigrant” Third Culture Kid due to being both Americanized and also a wai sheng ren… a kid who felt Taiwanese but was born into an Americanized family from the Mainland who can’t comprehend Taiwanese and speaks only Mandarin but is in actuality most comfortable with the round-eyed foreigners’ English; moved to Philadelphia for college (culture shock 1); moved back to Taiwan to pursue music (culture shock 2); realized how much doing music out there sucks and so then moved out to LA to pursue music (culture shock 3); and now I kinda do a bunch of random stuff like stock trading and real estate investment and taking care of baby squirrels.

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How did you find out 8Asians?

I found out about 8Asians through Señor Koji!

What kinds of posts on 8Asians do you comment on the most?

I find myself commenting on 8Asians mostly on articles that have to do with Asian American identity cuz, well, it is not only an issue into which I’ve searched for clarity all my life, it’s an issue on which I believe my experiences and my background give me somewhat of a unique perspective.

What has been the post on 8Asians you’ve reacted the most strongly? Are you the type of person to click BORED on a post?

The Open Letter to Shiuan Butler post really entertained/pissed me off. She’d somehow struck this sweet spot between being laughably, ridiculously fallacious in logic and being seriously annoyingly incendiary and zealous in her pursuit of her “cause”. If a post bored me, I probably wouldn’t bother to click on the BORED button 😛 .

What’s your Asian comfort food?

My Asian comfort food would probably be Taiwanese gua bao… These guys.

Anything else you want to add?

Nothin’ else to add. I might run out of words. Hah.

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