Ask an Asian: What’s Asian Identity in Other Parts of the World Like?

Every so often, we here at 8Asians get e-mails asking for advice. In this case, this isn’t so much a question about what to wear at a Chinese New Year dinner or what to tell Asians to bring to a chili kick-off, but about Asian identity living in countries outside North America, courtesy of Jason:

8asians primarily deals with Asian Americans, [Asian Canadians] and “Asian ethnicities,” and we often define our experiences within these cultures. However, what information out there is about Asian-Europeans or Asian-Australians? I am sure their experiences are similar due to contact with Western principles, but how different are they? Can people shed light on this topic?

So to those four people that read 8Asians from Melbourne, London, France or Hamburg: you read about the plight of the Asian American here; what’s it like over there? (Oh, and what the hell: let’s throw in South America, too, for our Brazilian friends.)

(Flickr photo: smemon87)

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