8Asians Commenting Policy: Profile Photo & Real Identity or We’ll Delete

Given the recent comments on 8Asians lately, I think it’s time to remind everyone of this again: Personal attacks against other commenters are not permitted. You may question or argue about content, but not attack individuals. Comments that devolve into ad hominem attacks, intentionally bait others, or are deliberately disruptive may be deleted, and failure to respect fellow participants could result in removal or blocked access.

Commenters must have a real name as well as a profile photo. As we currently use the LiveFyre commenting platform, commenters can easily attach their identity by logging in LiveFyre through Facebook, or you may add a photo to your LiveFyre profile directly. While we will not instantaneously ban an anonymous comment, we are more likely to delete comments that are aggressive towards other people or groups of people if they don’t have a name or a profile photo.

For the people who have contacted us privately who have problems with this policy: Our website, our rules. Thanks!

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I'm the creator of 8 Asians and one of the editors. While I'm a regular blogger to the site as well, think of my role as Barbara Walters on "The View," except without the weird white hair. During the day, I'm a Developer for a major Internet company and live in the San Francisco Bay Area. I've also been writing in my blog, littleyellowdifferent.com, for seven years.
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