Japanese Restaurant Charged With Serving Sake To Toddler

A two-year-old was served sake at a Japanese restaurant in Ohio and “served” may be an overstatement. The cook, Mingyang Zhu, after giving rice wine to all the adults at the table, apparently squirted some sake into the youngster’s mouth causing the tot to cry. The cook and the restaurant claim it was an accident. But the boy’s parents are pretty upset and Zhu is being charged with serving alcohol to minors, a charge that could result in as many as six months in jail. The video mentions a number of other cases where toddlers have accidentally been served alcohol – one at Olive Garden and another involving spiked smoothies. There’s also a case at Applebee’s. Sounds like a weird thing to be happening with any kind of frequency. What do you think? Are the parents over-reacting? Should Zhu go to jail? [h/t Koji]

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