World AIDS Day: China’s HIV Cases On The Rise

Have the transmission and spreading of AIDS been controlled since it was first identified 30 years ago? In recent years, the diagnoses of AIDS among APAs have increased steadily. HIV/AIDS infections are not only on the rise in the United States, but also there is a rise of HIV infections in China estimated by the U.S. There will be around 48,000 of new HIV infection that are expected in China this year. Most of the cases reported are from college students and older men. The majority of the infections is due to sexual intercourse and drug abuse. However, the routes are transmission are not limited to that. There are many HIV and AIDS patients that contracted the virus because of tainted blood transfusion. The number of registered HIV carriers and AIDS patients in China is expected to jump from 346,000 to 780,000 by the end of 2011.

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