Having an Asian Moment: ‘White Frog’

Please watch this trailer of Quentin Lee’s White Frog…and for the love of God will you please just try to hold back your tears?

The movie looks great. It has a top notch cast including Glee homeboy (Harry Shum Jr.), Asian chick from Twin Peaks (Joan Chen), the go-to Asian dude for everything (B.D. Wong), Lady Deathstrike (Kelly Hu) and the adorable wolf from those low-budget Twilight movies (Booboo Stewart). The story looks heartwarming and, even though Shum’s character dies, we do see him shirtless — so that’s always good.

However, there is one little detail from the trailer that was missing that may have added more emotional girth. Apparently, Shum’s character is gay, and he comes out to everyone after his death. So did they leave it out because they forgot? Or do you think they didn’t include it because Asians and gay storylines don’t mix well within the community (which is a bunch of malarky with movies like Saving Face and The Wedding Banquet filling space in the gay Asian genre)? Makes you think, huh?

While you gnaw on that, just watch the trailer repeatedly and cry if you want…you can also just take screen shots of shirtless Shum if that’s your thing.

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