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8mm Review (Non-Spoiler): Jimmy O. Yang Stars in Christmas RomCom ‘Love Hard’

I heard about Love Hard a few months ago, and I thought that it was interesting that Yang was going to be in a romantic comedy, surprisingly starring against a white female lead. Yang is best known for his work … Continue reading

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‘If You Are In A Shell…’ Painted Choreography by Harry Shum, Jr

Here is the video I did with Ze Frank from @BuzzFeed “If You Are In A Shell” Enjoy! http://t.co/KPon75LoOV — Harry Shum Jr (@iharryshum) December 27, 2013 Many of us were painfully shy as children (I was), but most of … Continue reading

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Having an Asian Moment: ‘White Frog’

Please watch this trailer of Quentin Lee’s White Frog…and for the love of God will you please just try to hold back your tears? The movie looks great. It has a top notch cast including Glee homeboy (Harry Shum Jr.), … Continue reading

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Already Gone: Watch Harry Shum Jr. Shoot A Gun In New Short Film

Our friend, Harry Shum Jr. has a new project — and he isn’t dancing nor is he shirtless. (Blasphemous, I know.) There’s guns, blood, threats, an explosion, guys at a table playing poker and it’s kind of violent which means … Continue reading

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Glee “Asian F” Episode: Truth or Stereotype?

http://youtu.be/oaPSNXdyqBE Warning: some major spoilers ahead so if you haven’t watched this Glee episode yet, don’t read this. I’ve used to be a huge fan of Glee but as of recently, I’ve been tuning it off. But when news came … Continue reading

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Charice Gives ‘Glee’ a New, Cute Asian Voice

Besides Harry Shum Jr.’s abs, Filipino import pop sensation, Charice was the hot topic of the second season premiere of Glee. If we sidestep the ignorant comments (which, by the way, were cleverly executed) made by the show’s resident diva, … Continue reading

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An 8Asians Interview with Glee’s Harry Shum Jr

Before Harry Shum Jr. was poppin’ and lockin’ on the pop culture phenomenon known as Glee, he was — well — dancing. Before his stint as Mike Chang on the show, he appeared in iPod commercials as well as dance-centric … Continue reading

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‘Glee’ is Looking for a Filipina Maid

(Clockwise from top left) Deedee Magno, Joyo Velarde, Jocelyn Enriquez, Pinay and Lea Salonga It’s just a couple of days before the season premiere of Glee (on April 13th to be exact) and I, like millions of others, am more … Continue reading

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Harry Shum Jr Has the Moves in Glee and the New iPod Nano Commercial

iPod Nano Commercial Video Camera from Harry Shum on Vimeo. It’s Wednesday night, which means it’s Glee night! In honor of my favorite new show of the season, I’d like to give a shout-out to Harry Shum, Jr. We haven’t … Continue reading

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