Chinese Man With Amputated Arms Teaches Us To Never Give Up

Sometimes we whine over little things and wonder why we can’t be wealthier, prettier, smarter, etc. At the end of the day, we end up feeling miserable, when in reality, we are actually more fortunate than a lot of people in the world.  I admit I used to get sad over little failures and mishaps, but I realized that instead of wasting my time making people feel sorry for me, I should use that time to try harder to help others who are less fortunate than me. There are people out there who can’t even afford to feed themselves, get an education, or afford good healthcare when they are sick; yet, they are still happy because they stay optimistic and hopeful.

One man in particular I want to mention is a man from China named, Sun Jifa who lost his arms because of an accident. He was trying to make a bomb to go fishing, but the bomb exploded on him on accident. Sometimes, bombs are used for blast fishing or dynamite fishing. By using this technique of fishing, the fisherman can explode a school of fish for easy collection. After Sun lost his arms, he did not give up; he tackled this accident in a very positive way. Sun spent eight years making his bionic hands. He made the prosthetic limbs with scrap metal, hose tape, and sheer gumption. The metal hands can grip and hold with the support of wires and pulleys by the movement of his elbows.

Because of the prosthetic limbs Sun made, he can use it to work on his farm, feed himself, brush his teeth, drink beer, play harmonica and even ride his bicycle.  A downside to his invention is that the limbs are quite heavy and sometimes it is hard to use during extreme hot and cold weathers because the metal of the prosthetic limbs changes temperature easily. Sun is working on a newer version of the prosthetic limbs for other disable people who can’t afford to pay for prosthetic limbs from the hospital. That alone is something we should applaud to. Not only did he find a way to better his condition, but also he is using his knowledge and creation to help others improve their conditions as well.

We should take Sun’s incident as an example to stay positive when something bad happens because it isn’t the end of the world. Instead of crying about what has happened, think of what you can do to change your current situation. I don’t mean to sound too preachy, but honestly, never be discouraged over some little accident or when things don’t go your way at this moment. You are your own destiny. If you work hard, you can achieve your goals and aspirations!

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