Whatcha Wearin’? – Korean Movie Review

Whatcha Wearin’?
(Original title:나의 PS 파트너 MY PS PARTNER) is a sexy romantic comedy about how relationships both make and destroy us and how a little phone sex just may help you make that connection.

After finding out his ex-girlfriend has a new boyfriend so soon after their break-up, Hyun-seung (JiSung) accidentally gets a call from Yun-jung (Kim AhJoong) attempting to spice up her dull relationship with a little phone sex. The two strike up a friendship able to be brutally frank in their conversation by not knowing what the other looks like. Things take a turn for the unexpected when one asks if they should meet in person.

In many ways, Whatcha Wearin’? is fairly realistic reflection of the relationships people have with each other. Different than many South Korean romantic comedies and following the trend of raunchy adult comedies Hollywood has been putting out for the last few years, the film feels far more sincere in its delivery.

Leads, JiSung and KIM AhJoong offer a very genuine likeability to their respective characters. JiSung’s guy’s guy Hyun-sueng while pathetic in his obsession of his ex-girlfriend’s new mate, comes across sympathetic in his grieving plight. KIM AhJoong offers her signature wilting flower character in Yun-jung retaining her title as South Korea’s Brassy Queen of Comedies.

Surprisingly the film carries from beginning to end keeping the tone from going off a cheesy melodramatic cliff so many films have thrown themselves over. Instead, it retains its centre in the reality of making decisions in order to preserve friendships and relationships, many times by swallowing one’s pride, ego and dignity in the process. And at nearly 2 hours, it feels much shorter.

Very adult, not for kids, but overall a good entertaining watch. – Recommended.

Released December 21, 2012 in Los Angeles.

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