What Asian American Kids Watch on the Internet: Atban Klann’s Puddles of H2O

When Number One Son asked me to look at this video, I wondered “what is ‘Atban Klann’?” 

Before they formed the Black Eyed Peas, apl.de.ap and will.i.am (then Will 1x) were part of the group The Atban Klann (ATBAN stands for A Tribe Beyond a Nation).  This single, Puddles of H2O, was part of their planned debut album, Grass Roots

The Atban Klann was signed to Ruthless Records in 1992, but were dropped from the label after their producer Easy-E (of N.W.A. fame) died, and their album was never released.  Number One Son adds that he likes this song a lot better than their current stuff.  While I understand that artists evolve, I have to say that I definitely like Puddles of H2O more than Scream & Shout.

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