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What Asian American Kids Watch on the Internet: Atban Klann’s Puddles of H2O

When Number One Son asked me to look at this video, I wondered “what is ‘Atban Klann’?”  Before they formed the Black Eyed Peas, apl.de.ap and will.i.am (then Will 1x) were part of the group The Atban Klann (ATBAN stands … Continue reading

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Asian American Grammy Nominees: Apl.de.Ap and DJ Replay

“Kuya Ryan got nominated for a Grammy!” shouted The Daughter.   While annoyed at her shouting (“indoor voice please” I keep telling her), I was happy to hear that news and I wasn’t surprised.  “Kuya Ryan” is her cousin and my … Continue reading

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An Asian-American in the Music Business: Interview with Ryan Buendia (Part 1)

In addition to being a music producer working for Apl.de.Ap of the Black Eyed Peas, Ryan Buendia is an artist and performer in his own right. As a DJ and turntablist, he has performed in various parts of the world. … Continue reading

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