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EEAAO Cast is Back: American Born Chinese Premiering on May 24 on Disney+

After seeing Everything Everywhere all at Once (EEAAO) win a slew of Academy Awards, are you wondering where you can see the cast together again? Disney+ recently announced that American Born Chinese, a series based on the graphic novel by Gene … Continue reading

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Actor James Hong *FINALLY* Receives Star Hollywood Walk of Fame

Last week, actor James Hong, at age 93, *finally* received his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame: “Hong, 93, who was joined by celebrity guest speakers Daniel Dae Kim and Jamie Lee Curtis, unveiled his star in a ceremony, becoming … Continue reading

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CBS Sunday Morning: ‘Actor James Hong: At 92. Still going strong’

If you’ve watched any television or movies in the past 70 years, you’ve probably seen actor James Hong at least once in your life, even if you may not have known who he was. In fact, he may be the … Continue reading

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“Chinese” reference on CBS’ The Big Bang Theory Season 3 Premiere

Because I love geeks and because I love geek humor even more, one of my favorite TV shows is The Big Bang Theory on CBS. Last night, Season 3 started with our scientist heroes (Sheldon, Leonard, Wolowitz, and Koothrappali) returning … Continue reading

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Hollywood Chinese

Most PBS stations will air tonight (May 27, 2009) a 90 minute showing of American Masters, titled Hollywood Chinese, produced in 2008. The film covers a century of Chinese involvement in Hollywood cinema. The film is produced, directed, written and … Continue reading

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