My First NBA Game Without Jeremy Lin – Denver Nuggets versus Golden State Warriors, Game 4, First Round Playoffs

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Before attending this game, I’ve been to three NBA games – including Jeremy Lin’s debut into the NBA for the Golden State Warriors, as well as twice when Lin returned as a Houston Rocket to play against his former teammates during the regular 2012 – 2013 NBA season (and even being mistaken as Lin’s dad).

Having been born and raised in Western Massachusetts, I’ve always been a fan of the Boston Celtics. I’m of course a fan of Jeremy Lin, and after attending this game,  I’m definitely a fan of the Golden State Warriors. (Some may say a fair weather fan?) It’s not hard to join the bandwagon when your local team is winning.

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I was able to get a pair of complimentary tickets “Club 200” seats (nosebleed section) from the Golden State Warriors for their home game against the Denver Nuggets in Game Four of the first round playoffs, and at the last minute – upgraded to a Mezzanine Suite, which was a pleasant surprise and a pretty fantastic experience (I’m spoiled now!)

The suite is a private room with two rows six seats,

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with your own bathroom,

2013-04-28 19.14.30

“family room” area with your own TV, and if you want, space for catered food.

2013-04-28 19.14.52

To be honest, I had no idea who the other folks in the suite were – my friend and I were focused on the game. But there was one family, which I thought must be a nice, comfortable way for a family to watch the game. Being in a private suite, I didn’t get a great view of the crowd, but in walking to will call and getting my tickets, walking through the halls to the suite and exiting the arena, I have to say there were plenty of Asian American fans to be seen throughout the arena. And that is great, given the fact that the San Francisco Bay Area is over 20% Asian, not just showing up (like me, until now!) when Jeremy Lin is in town.

I have to say, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a louder sporting event – except for maybe when I attended the Final Four in 1999 in the Finals seeing Duke lose against the University of Connecticut.  The crowd was really into the game (of course), especially since the Warriors haven’t made the playoffs since 2007. Then Golden State Warriors’ star player, Steph Curry, was on fire in the 3rd quarter:

Curry shook off the soreness in his ankle to score 22 of his 31 points in a spectacular third quarter, leading the Warriors past the Denver Nuggets 115-101 on Sunday night for a commanding 3-1 series lead.

And the crowd really, really exploded during this time. The Warriors wound up defeating the Nuggets 115 to 101, and ultimately eliminate the Nuggets from the First Round by Game 6, winning the series 4 games to 2. Considering the Warriors were seeded 6th (with the Nuggets seeded 3rd), they were not expected to win, especially after Game 1, a key player, David Lee, was injured and hasn’t played since (except very briefly in Game 6).

I have to say, I had quite a lot of fun. I don’t normally watch the NBA during the regular season since there are so many games, but do start to watch some games during the playoffs. With the Golden State Warriors in the playoffs, seeing my friends and acquaintances cheering and attending the games on Facebook, it’s hard not to root for the team. And attending a playoff game is just another order or magnitude when it comes to the crowd excitement and enthusiasm! If you’re into the NBA at all, even if you don’t have great seats, I’d definitely recommend attending a playoff game – even more so if you can watch from a suite!

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