Meet the 8Asians: Shako

Get to know the writers who make 8Asians possible! Joz started the “Meet the 8Asians” series a while back when she introduced our then resident heartthrob Brian. Now meet some of our new writers on staff, Shako, a Los Angeles based multimedia journalist.


Shako Liu has covered news on Syria and North Korean refugees, poverty in the U.S., undocumented immigrants, and now she writes for us at 8Asians. How lucky are we!

Shako first worked as a journalist in Beijing, then attended USC to obtain her master’s degree in journalism. She has also been actively involved in parliamentary debate and has traveled the world to compete in both international and regional debate tournaments.

She’ll be writing about her passions here on 8A, which include issues in immigration, gender and racial equality, and political participation of minority communities.

headshot-sliuThe more I learn about her, the more impressed I am and feel privileged that she writes for us. Shako is a world-class polymath, speaking four languages fluently, is adept in many media forms, a champion debater, designs websites, is a photographer, and commands a great depth and breadth of knowledge in many topics, with a quick-witted sensitivity for the pulse of current events, especially events that are most relevant to the Asian American community.

From her work and writings, you can tell that she is deeply compassionate and strives to shed light on the stories of underdogs and the underprivileged. She has worked extensively with charities and non-profits in the past, in both Asia and the U.S.  Visit her website at You can find some of her remarkable work on YouTube, at

Photo Credit: Alan Mittelstaedt

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