Anime Review: Silver Spoon

The creator of the wildly popular manga and anime Full Metal Alchemist, author Hiromu Arakawa, recently released a new highly anticipated series called Silver Spoon. It could not be more different from his previous successful anime. Full Metal Alchemist is about two alchemy brothers who are in search of the all powerful Philosopher’s Stone to restore themselves after a tragic accident in their troubled past. Silver Spoon, on the other hand, is about a teenage boy who chooses to go to an agricultural specialty high school to get as far away form his overbearing parents as possible.

I actually started watching this anime before I knew who the maker was, and I’m a huge fan of the Full Metal Alchemist series. The premise of the story seemed pretty random, although I’ve seen crazier, but this very character-driven anime is really nice to watch if you’re looking for a relaxing evening after work. The characters are pleasant and fun, and their interactions are subtle and intricately thought out. The main character, Yugo, is basically a city slicker who’s never worked on a farm before, and his first major challenge is eating an egg after realizing it comes out of a chicken’s butt.

Best watched with a full spread of snacks at your finger tips because this anime will make you munchy.

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