In Search of Asian American Female MMA Fighters: Jinh Yu Frey

It’s not always easy to find Asian American Female MMA Fighters because they’re often in disguise. For example, when I found Michelle Waterson, it was only because I painstakingly read through each female MMA fighter’s bio that I could find, since her name clearly doesn’t give any clue that she has any Asian heritage. With Jinh Yu Frey, her name at least clues us in that she is probably of some form of Asian heritage American. Unfortunately, it’s hard to find bio information about up and coming fighters to confirm, so if I’m wrong about Jinh Yu being APIA, please someone tell me.

In any case, Jinh Yu created quite the viral video when she executed a total knock out of Darla Harris in her last pro-bout, hitting over two million views and breaking her hand. The other good news is that she has been signed to Invicta FC.

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