Priscilla Chan Gives First Television Interview

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At the end of May Priscilla Chan – most known for being Facebook founder & CEO Mark Zuckerberg’s wife – gave her first television interview ever, on the heels of a recent announcement by Mark & Priscilla’s donation of $120 million to some San Francisco Bay Area schools:

Priscilla_Chan_Today“Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, have made headlines with big charitable gifts before: He gave $100 million to help schools in Newark, N.J., and the couple later donated stock worth more than $1.5 billion to a fund administered by the Silicon Valley Community Foundation — which made them the nation’s biggest charitable donors in 2013. The fund at the community foundation is intended to finance a variety of projects over many years, including a multimillion-dollar grant for health research and $5 million provided earlier this year to an East Palo Alto medical clinic. The latest gift, which also comes from that fund, will help “improve education for underserved communities” over the next five years, Zuckerberg said. Some of the $120 million will help start new public and charter schools in the Bay Area while the rest will pay for equipment, training and other programs at existing schools. The first $5 million will go to needy schools in the Ravenswood and Redwood City school districts and other “high-need” neighborhoods of San Francisco.”

Additionally, on the Today website, Chan reveals a few additional things about her life. In the past, there have been a few photos of Chan – especially when she was traveling to China with Zuckerberg, and a few unflattering things said about her in the past. In her Today interview, I found Chan thoughtful and well spoken, and certainly not unattractive.

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