TUF 20 Features Zero APIA Women

TUF 20Since I got my UFC Fight Pass to watch Invicta Fights, I have been watching a lot of the other content available on UFC TV, including all the previous UFC fights and some of the shows such as The Ultimate Fighter. The newest season of TUF, season 20, has featured the first all-women cast, and on top of that, all of these women are vying for the UFC strawweight (115 lbs) championship belt. Although I have been enjoying the show, I’ve been sad to note that there is not a single female fighter of Asian or Pacifica Islander descent among all 18 of the contenders, at least not one that I know of. It’s possible one of them is a ninja APIA, the way Shayna Baszler was in TUF 18, the first season to have women on the show as well as female coaches. In any case, hopefully we’ll see more APIA women fighting on TUF and in the UFC in the future.

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