Steven Yeun & Conan visit a Korean spa in Koreatown

I first saw this Conan O’Brien video posted by a friend on Facebook and immediately re-shared it, and saw a few other friends quickly re-share it. Conan and actor Steve Yeun for some reason decide to go to a Korean Spa in Koreantown in LA. I’ve personally never been to Korea or to a Korean Spa, so I was curious about the video. The video is hilarious.

No doubt, Yeun is making the media rounds lately, since I had already started to blog about the premiere of the 2nd half of the 5th season of The Walking Dead  NPR has a great interview with Yuen (download MP3 here):

The-Walking-Dead-Season-5-Glenn-Yeun-590“Glenn’s the Korean pizza delivery guy turned zombie-killing ladies’ man. … Yeun loves that Glenn is able to own his heritage without it defining him as a character. Besides couple of references to his Koreanness, he’s just like everybody else on the show, doing his best not to get devoured by the undead. And his Asian-American fans are eating it up. … Steven Yeun is now something of a sex symbol, with teenagers to grown women of every race and ethnicity swooning on social media.”

I’m glad that Yeun and The Walking Dead is getting all this media exposure!

Image courtesy of AMC.

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