Traveling Japan: Tokyo Sky Tree 634 Musashi Restaurant


So after eating mostly train bentos and convenient store food for the majority of the trip, my friends and I did give ourselves a little break from the cheap eats and forked over some dough for a fancy feast up at the Tokyo Sky Tree 634 Musashi Restaurant. Needless to say, the meal was not only delicious but gorgeously presented with a beautiful night view of Tokyo city on top of that to boot. The main course was venison, and after my run-in with the rather pushy Miyajima deer (more on this later), I had to qualms about chowing down on this deer meat.






Even the dishes and utensils were a work of art, and I wish I could have had more leisure time to shop around Japan and collect some beautiful ceramic art pieces, especially in the city of Kyoto (more on that later).



Although pricy, I even ordered two cups of the ginger soda, which they make from scratch and comes with a sugar-infused piece of ginger to savor.


Dessert and coffee were no joke either, with pineapple sherbet and apple cream cheese yogurt mousse.





Here’s the full list of the meal for those who are interested.


Next up, the joy of Mr. Donuts in Japan.


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