Traveling Japan: Mr. Donuts


When I’m Stateside, I actually hardly ever have donuts. But when in Asia, with Mister Donuts in easy access, I have donuts almost every day. Not a bad thing, but it does make it a bit of a relief that Mister Donuts isn’t here in Los Angeles yet because I would either get sick of them really easily or gain a lot of fat weight quick from eating way too many of them or both. Last time, it was Mister Donuts in Taiwan, this time it’s in Japan, and there seem to be way more Mister Donut shops in Japan than in Taiwan. And every time I see one, I would buy a dozen and snack on them all day, sharing some with friends, of course.


Part of the fun is trying all these different unusual flavors. Of course, I don’t always enjoy every donut I try, but I quickly figure out which ones are my favorites. This trip, I realized that I really love the cream filled ones, and I tried and love the cronuts or croissant donuts, especially the ones filled with cream! Seriously delicious!


I always tried to pair up one of my ekiben meals on trains with a dessert donut from Mister Donuts, and it was lovely always having my little hot tea set with me to go perfectly with the sweet delight.


At the bottom of the Tokyo Sky Tree, we saw an extra special Mister Donuts shop that was adorably themed with everything Mister Donuts. It looked like one of those kids playgrounds.



Next up, instant action at the Cup Noodles Museum.


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