‘Fresh off the Boat’ Episode Review: “Week in Review”

Fresh Off the Boat, Season 2, Episode 18: “Week in Review”
Original airdate March 29, 2016.

fotb_s02e18 (1)Microsynopsis: Eddie and Evan come home from school with lice, messing up the carefully planned week Jessica and Louis have outlined. Louis starts out as Mr. Full Partner, but when things get lousier, he leaves Jessica to shoulder the burden alone. The house must be deloused, which keeps Eddie home from school, forcing him to miss the faculty vs. students basketball game, with pizza and homework on the line.

Good: Emery’s hair toss in slow-mo after he says, “Wait; how come I don’t have lice? I mean, how do you not want to be up in this?” is funny. I like the Jessica-Honey scenes, and the scene with all three boys on the front lawn.

fotb_s02e18 (2)Bad: All the grown-ups in Eddie’s school are idiots. This continues to baffle me.

FOB moment: “We didn’t come to this country so our son could get lice!”

Soundtrack flashback: A terrific 72 seconds of “Southernplayalisticadillacmuzik” by Outkast (1994; with N-words edited out). “I Got 5 on It” by Luniz (1995, curiously including the lyrics “Grab your 40 let’s get keyed,” “Messing with that Indo weed,” and “Til the joint be burning my hand”).

Final grade, this episode: It’s a nice, pleasant episode without much character development. Not much to find fault with, but not especially memorable. B.

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