California Assemblymember Evan Low Introduces Universal Basic Income Bill

Since Andrew Yang dropped out of the presidential race, Assemblymember Evan Low, who was Andrew’s former campaign co-chair has been keeping busy – on February 25th, introduced a statewide universal income for Californians:

“He just introduced AB 2712, proposing a universal basic income for Californians. … “This is basically mirrored similarly to the proposal of former presidential candidate Andrew Yang, in which we would be giving individuals in the state of California $1,000 a month to provide a baseline level of trickle up economics,” Low said.
… Low says he’s open to input and changes, but the point that drove Yang’s campaign farther than imagined remains relevant. … To pass, it would need a two-thirds majority vote, which could make it an uphill climb.”

Uber-#YangGang vlogger Paget Kagy did an excellent interview (above) on his efforts for universal basic income in California – something that I should have done with Evan, since I first met him back in 2008 (I can’t believe it’s been 12 years). Evan explains the process of how a California bill gets reviewed and ammended.

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