A Short Review: Wind

One of the few benefits of being forced to shelter in place is that I have the opportunity to see some films that I ordinarily would not have time to see. This situation (and The Daughter’s boyfriend’s Disney+ account) enabled me to finally see Float and also the short Wind. Wind is one of a series of shorts from Pixar’s SparkShorts program, which was designed to find new storytellers from within Pixar’s ranks. While we have reviewed and talked about Float and also other Pixar shorts like Bao, none of had a chance to write up a review of Wind.

Wind is an allegory about immigration and the sacrifices that one generation makes to enable future generations to have a better life. In the video above, story creator Edwin Chang and producer Jesus Martinez talk about the creation of Wind. Chang’s grandmother was a single mother after the Korean war, and her sacrifices inspired Chang to create this story.

I found Wind to be engaging and moving. There are some aspects of it that reminded me of The Farewell, but with a twist. I definitely think it is worth your time.

Wind debuted on November 12, 2019, on Disney+, Disney’s streaming channel. Chang’s grandmother died before she could see it.

(photo credit:  Pixar)

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