Extraordinary Runner takes Boston Marathon Postponement in Stride

72 year old Jeannie Rice is still motivated to run, even after the Boston Marathon, which she was scheduled to run, was postponed to September 14, 2020 because of the coronavirus.  While I am sure that many people were disappointed, as the Boston Marathon is notoriously difficult to qualify for, she took the news in stride.  That’s because Jeannie Rice is no ordinary runner.

Just how extraordinary is she?  You can find out more about her in the Runners’ World video above.  This grandmother has broken numerous marathon age group records, most recently breaking her previous record in the Berlin Marathon by running it in 3:24:48, a 7:49 pace.  I have trouble running that pace for a whole 5K!  I find it inspirational that she can continue to get faster even in her 70’s.  So many people accept physical deterioration as a given as they age – she is doing just the opposite.

The 2020 Boston Marathon would have been her 122nd marathon.  Instead of that race, she ran 11 miles with a friend.


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