Din Tai Fung Las Vegas Opening October 19th

Back in February before the COVID-19 pandemic (which seems like years ago), I was in Las Vegas and had seen and had blogged about Din Tai Fung “steaming this summer” at the Aria. I thought that due to the pandemic, Din Tai Fung’s opening might be delayed indefinitely, but it looks like it’s opening up on October 19th:

“The wait for Kurobuta pork xiao long bao finally comes to an end this fall when the highly respected Taiwanese dumpling specialist Din Tai Fung arrives at Aria. The masters of soup dumplings, which require 18 folds to carefully hold the soup within, open their 13th American restaurant, replacing Aria Cafe, once known as the largest 24-hour café on the Strip, on October 19.

Din Tai Fung takes over 5,580 square feet with a view through the massive tilted windows looking out onto Nancy Rubins’ Big Edge canoe sculpture and Vdara. Aria allocated an estimated $2.2 million in construction costs alone to renovate the dining room and an open kitchen that gives diners a glimpse of the handiwork involved in preparing xiao long bao, steamed pork soup dumplings, precisely made with 18 lucky folds, 16 grams of meat, and 5 grams of dough.

Din Tai Fung originally planned to open in April, but with the coronavirus pandemic, postponed until fall. The restaurant plans to be open from 4 to 11 p.m. nightly. For highly recommended reservations, visit here.”

I really wonder how well Din Tai Fung will do in Las Vegas during this pandemic, as tourism in Las Vegas has plummeted. I’m looking forward to checking this new Din Tai Fung out in the near future!

(photo credit: Las Vegas Review-Journal)


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