Grieving Asian Widow Receives “Go back to your country” Letter

Photo courtesy of the Seal Beach Police Department

After burying her husband Byong, Yong Choi received the letter that we have included in this post.  Byong and Yong Choi created successful businesses, raised four daughters, and then moved to the retirement community of Leisure World in Seal Beach, California.  While hateful acts against Asian Americans have been ramping up, this particular act, while not a physical attack, seems particularly cruel.

Since Joz first posted about this yesterday on the 8Asians Facebook page, there have been a few updates.  The Seal Beach police are actively involved and are looking to use fingerprints and DNA to track down the sender.   Leisure World has condemned the letter and says that they will expel the sender from their community if the author of the letter is found.

Seal Beach Police ask that anyone with information about the author of the letter contact Detective Jon Ainley at 562-799-4100, ext. 1113 or email [email protected].

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