Lola’s Work: An Animated StoryCorps Feature

I was moved by this story about a devoted grandmother, which was featured on NPR and StoryCorps, and now StoryCorps has turned it into a featured animated story!   It also features some pictures painted by her and her grandson of the stories of her, such as the one below called Blue Beach, Lingayen. I like how those distant memories are captured – perhaps I thought that this one was more touching since my own visit to Lingayen is also becoming a distant memory.

As I mentioned before in other posts about StoryCorps, it’s a great way to capture the stories of our friends, family, and elders before they fade away forever.  Even better if you can capture their voices telling those stories themselves.  I have not seen any Filipino American stories animated before this one.   Only a few stories get to be animated, but it is definitely worth the effort to do those recordings.

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