Asian American Commercial Watch: Progressive’s ‘Sign Spinner | Stay’

I saw this Progressive Insurance company commercial while watching the San Francisco 49ers edge the Green Bay Packers in the playoffs this past weekend and thought it was hilarious.  The commercial that is, not the defeat of the Packers, which was kind of hilarious but not as hilarious as when then 49ers beat the Cowboys.

What I love about this commercial is that Caroline and Mitch could be any ex-couple, but they happen to be Asian American. That’s one of the point of this series, Asian American Commercial Watch.  Rarely do we see Asian Americans in this romantic kind of situation in a commercial (or any kind of relationship). I think the first such commercial I blogged about was back in 2008 before Randall Park was even really known, and certainly before ‘Fresh Off the Boat’, or one of my all time favorites, this Target ad with the over involved Mom …

There are an additional few seconds of dialogue on the web version of the commercial tham the televised version which make this commercial funnier:

Caroline: Mitch you live in a van.
Mitch: I’m a free spirit!
Caroline: You don’t have a job.
Mitch: But I have crypto!
Caronline: That’s not a job.
Mitch: But I’m a content creator!
Caroline: That’s not a job.
Mitch: But I stream stuff!
Caronline: That’s not a job.

Most content creators/streamers probably don’t make that much money, but then, some make an insane amount.

I hope Progressive continues this story and that we get to meet Diane!

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