A Short Review: Auntie

There comes a time in your life when a metaphorical slap in the face tells you that you are no longer the young hip person you may have thought that you once were.  In Fawzia Mirza‘s short film Auntie (IMDB entry here), lawyer Hena, played wonderfully by Vanita Kalra, goes to a meeting for South Asian lawyers and gets that slap for herself. I found this short to be very funny and particularly germane to people of my age.

Auntie movie poster

photo credit: Fawzia Mirza

As you may know, in many AAPI cultures, older people are addressed as “Uncle” or “Auntie” as a form of respect.  This is common in Hawaii, also. While I have had nieces and nephews who call me “Uncle” for quite some time, it is completely different when you get called out in public by people you don’t know. Auntie reminded me of one such moment. I went to watch a Warriors game at the Chase Center with Number Two Son and The Daughter’s boyfriend. After the game as we were waiting in line to get the escalator down and out, I hear behind me a woman say, “Uncle, can you take our picture?” I heard it but was unsure until Number Two Son said, “they are talking to you!” Turns out the Asians behind me thought I was now “Uncle” material. Number Two Son and The Daughter’s boyfriend thought it was hilarious (and yes, I did take their picture). Auntie, with its use of technology and interactions between different generations really made me think of my “Uncle” moment.

In addition to how it deals with generations, I really like Auntie‘s Asian American cultural elements.  Not my particular Asian American cultural group but with enough universality to make me identify with it. I particularly enjoyed the music which I had never heard before (Firestarter and Hot Mango Chutney Sauce).

As you can tell, I really enjoyed Auntie and recommend it. Even if you don’t, well, it’s a short!

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