Netflix Action Comedy Series “The Brothers Sun” with Michelle Yeoh Premiering January 4, 2024

If you can’t get enough of Michelle Yeoh, January 4 will be your chance to see her in action again in the Netflix series The Brothers Sun. She stars as Eileen, the mother of Charles and Bruce Sun.  Charles and Bruce’s father, a triad crime boss, is assassinated, but Bruce, living in southern California with his mom, has had no idea that that the rest of his family are actually gangsters.

One of the co-creators of The Brothers Sun, along with executive producer and showrunner Brad Falchuk, is Byron Wu.  In this interview, Wu describes it as a dark action-comedy:

Too comedic to be a drama, too dramatic to be comedy, but exactly what I’m aiming for.

You can really see that from the trailer! He is writing and also executive producing the show.

The Brothers Sun premieres on January 4, 2024 on Netflix.

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