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Traveling Japan: McDonald’s in Japan

I suppose it is fitting to talk about McDonald’s in Japan as it was the last stop before we headed back home Stateside, a sort of transition from Japan to America. I have pretty much removed McDonald’s from my dietary … Continue reading

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‘Attack on Titan’ Live Action Movie

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YvU3ExhdB30 It seems like just yesterday I was suffering from Attack on Titan PTSD. As the new season has not yet been released, apparently, the anime and manga have been popular enough for them to go all out and make … Continue reading

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“Attack on Titan” Anime PTSD

After watching the new anime “Attack on Titan”, I have been suffering from mild insomnia, having sudden flashback attacks, and lapsing into waking dreams where I’m replaying scenes from the show over and over again in my mind. I feel … Continue reading

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