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Brenda Song is NOT pregnant by but engaged to Trace Cyrus

Last week it was announced that Brenda Song and Trace Cyrus will enter the world of matrimony — and to that, I have to say “YAY!” What better way to announce the engage than via social media. Trace tweeted the … Continue reading

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Brenda Song is NOT Pregnant with Trace Cyrus’s Baby, Unfortunately

When a Disney teenybopper alum gets knocked up, it’s like discovering a unicorn has been living in your backyard grazing on your snozzberry bushes. So when word got out in August that Brenda Song was pregnant with Trace Cyrus’s (a.k.a. … Continue reading

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Is The Social Network’s Asian Fetish Acceptable?

You should have seen The Social Network by now. If not, go see it. Go out and see it now so you can be cool. I saw it twice so that makes me really cool (and dorky). It really does … Continue reading

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