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Patriot Act with Hasan Minhaj: ‘Don’t Ignore The Asian Vote In 2020’

Recently, comedian Hasan Minhaj did a terrific piece on his HBO show, ‘Patriot Act,’ highlighting the issue of not ignoring the Asian American vote in 202o: The Asian American population has grown large enough to swing elections, but it remains … Continue reading

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Australian Comedian Plays Overbearing Asian Mom in HBO’s Angry Boys

With his new HBO show, Angry Boys, Australian comedian Chris Lilley is following the grand politically incorrect tradition of Chapelle’s Show and Da Ali G Show by skewering pop culture and testing audience’s offensive threshold when it comes to tackling … Continue reading

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HBO Develops China Doll, New Show About Interracial Family, A Robot & China

HBO has a new show in the works! The title of the show is China Doll (that’s ALMOST racist, right?). As much as I want it to be about Asian drag queens, it’s not. Apparently it’s “about an interracial family … Continue reading

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HBO Asian Heritage Project Wants Your Stories

Want to tell the world about your Asian-American stories and experiences?  Jonathan Yi, who is working on a mini-documentary for Asian American Heritage month, is looking for you!  He’s seeking a wide variety of stories about the Asian American.  They … Continue reading

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