• anotheraccount

    @catherine_sr@anotheraccount Aside from the fact that the uterus is one organ (hence, you exaggerated and mislead), a uterine prolapse is not caused by anything to do with the vagina. It has a number of possible causes, none of them vaginal in origin : )

  • catherine_sr

    @anotheraccount Sigh. For one thing, I meant my comment jokingly. It was a response to people who are so obsessed with vaginal size that they seem to forget that a human vagina is not a Fleshlight and can stretch a lot depending on the situation, or even change in size after childbirth or as a woman ages (why do you think they make two sizes of Divacup?). I know humor and hyperbole is sometimes lost over the Internet, but I cannot believe you are accusing me of trying to “exaggerated and mislead” [SIC... get your tenses right]. Also, uterine prolapses are occasionally caused by vaginal vault prolapses… so yeah, uterine prolapses do sometimes “have *something* to do with the vagina.” Why? Because the UTERUS falls through the vagina! Three suggestions for you, anotheraccount. 1) Brush up on your grammar, 2) read Wikipedia and 3) Google “uterine prolapse” and stare at the images for a long time.

  • catherine_sr

    @anotheraccount Here, let me fix your first sentence for you: “As far I can tell, being a man and talking about vaginas with other men, because I have never actually encountered a vagina in real life, what most men are talking about when referring to the ‘size’ of a woman’s vagina is how tight or loose she is, and so I like to take what they say and apply it to my fevered imaginings about what East Asian women’s vaginas must be like, because I am creepy.”

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  • anotheraccount

    @catherine_sr I mistyped the word “misled” as “mislead”. BFD. As for your supposed hyperbole, you said your internal organS would fall out. 100% not true, no hyperbole needed. I now see the reason you and I don’t see eye to eye: you use Wikipedia, I use real resources. Please try




    Falling into the vagina is neither falling out of it, nor is it being caused by said vagina. If you can find an example of a woman’s uterus falling out of her vagina, please let me know (but please don’t quote Wikipedia).

  • anotheraccount

    8asians seems to be a really lame place for Asian skinheads to hang out.

  • Krantzstone

    @Ernie H. @YoshiFu

    with lox?

  • Krantzstone

    I’m not touching this topic with a ten-foot pole. ;P

    /if I had one

  • Andrew Hvatum

    The comments are a sh*theap of fail. 

    For the guy saying there’s no evidence that there is not a difference between races, learn how science works you dolt. To assume something exists you need evidence, otherwise you’d have to disprove every idiotic idea a human can ever think up. There’s no evidence, so we can safely assume it doesn’t exist. PERIOD. 



  • dan kelly

    Thank You Sir, for breaking it down using YOUR experiance. YOUR experiance has been MY experiance. What you said is 100% true. Thank You again.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richard.p.martin.3 Richard Peter Martin

    He is correct guys…and I can say from experience.

  • BunnyOle

    LMAO !!

  • BunnyOle

    HAHAHAA That is hysterical.

  • BunnyOle

    I love how the only benefit you mention is that to MEN. BELIEVE ME, when women do kegels THEY get the benefit of being able to tell when “little dick” is “in”. As far as length goes, a short length would be of no benefit to a woman, just like long dicks are no benefit – the male pubic bone has to meet the female pubis mons in order for a woman to achieve orgasm. If the man is too big that doesn’t happen.

  • BunnyOle

    YOU SAID, or MISLED that it couldn’t happen AT ALL, now you are changing your comment to tell her she ‘exaggerated and mislead’ – man, you are an ASS! It was completely obvious that the original line WAS MEANT to be an exaggeration (and was also quite funny) and meant to show, IN AN EXAGGERATED WAY, that the vaginal canal changes in size ANYWAY depending on its ‘environment’ and that it does retract after childbirth & doesn’t just stay wide open after having a baby; OTHERWISE your internal organs would MOST DEFINITELY sag out.
    Also, what are you talking about ‘nothing to do with the vagina’?? MAY-BE because prolapse is usually related to muscles or ligaments, but, IF ones vagina was gaping wide and never retracted after childbirth then I’m pretty sure it WOULD have to do with the vagina AND THAT WAS THE ENTIRE POINT.
    You fucking DWEEB. I can’t believe you started a ‘debate’ over something that was basically a joke, what an ass you are.
    My god, can anybody even stand to be in the same fucking room with you?

  • BunnyOle

    Your NCBI.NLM.NIH.GOV website states one of the symptoms of uterine prolapse is: Uterus and cervix that stick out through the vaginal opening. What the fuck do you call that?

    (Mild terine prolapse is mild when the cervix drops into the lower part of the vagina.) you can correct the ‘double use’ of the word mild, but I didn’t write that, the NCBI site did. Uterine prolapse is MODERATE when the cervix drops out of the vaginal opening. GROSS it is only considered MODERATE prolapse when the cervix drops out of the vaginal opening?
    So then I am assuming the ‘bad’ prolapse is when the cervix AND uterus STICKS OUT through the vaginal opening. I have several photos in a medical image file, of different women who have prolapse and it shows ‘something’ hanging out of their vagina by several inches. Are you now going to ‘debate’ the meaning of the words “falling out” you stupid fucking asshole?

  • BunnyOle

    ROFLMFAO, yeah, and by ‘research’ they mean ‘based on the women I stuck my own penis into’. LOVE how the ‘researchers’ don’t mention their own size, which would be very relevant to their ‘study’.

  • BunnyOle

    That goes for you too, truck stop.

  • BunnyOle

    Yes, some men and most women find east asian men too small

  • http://profiles.yahoo.com/u/Q7LNZCYMGVIHMZTMNHCYGYXUOM Alex

    The reality is, that is a correlation between races and penises. It is very general but its true. But the people who obsess most about penis size are men. Be a fun, caring and passionate man because that’s what women want.

  • coco

    Oo Too much porn? The size of your lips has nothing to do with how much sex you had *lol* It can get bigger when you deliver babies, but it’s just like the different shapes and sizes of a penis. SEX! Actually helps to tighten your vagina since it’s a freaking muscle(s) train it and it get’s tighter….doh! I wished everyone of you guys would just accompany your gf’s to the gynecologist and ask someone competent than base your biased experience as universal. It really hurts my brain to read all that freaking nonsense….ouch!!!

  • Pink

    the ones who want to dismiss this as a “myth” are mostly white women. they have loads of insecurities with their bodies including their vaginas that they are even jealous of this “myth” about asian girls. but the truth is IT IS TRUE. ASIAN CHICKS have anatomically SMALLER SWEET VAGINAS. FACT OF LIFE. SIMPLE.

  • mm1979ca

    I would disagree with the writer’s argument that there isn’t any
    association between race and male penis size. There are many sexual
    studies that show on average East Asian men have the smallest penis and
    African the largest. Of course there will be exceptions in any race, but
    these studies are based on the average size.

  • James

    Asians usually produce less IGF-1/Testosterone than others. I read somewhere that cultures that with green tea tend to have these characteristics. But back on topic, people associate height with IGF-1, and overall growth. Asians tend to be shorter & etc.

  • http://www.a-boutagirl.blogspot.com/ Chika

    As far as I’m concerned. The only way to know is if one had sex with absolutely all females of all races. This ‘On average’ stuff really drives me nuts. Every person, regardless of race is completely different from the next. I just wish people could stop obsessing so much over size and just see people for their qualities, rather than the features they possess. It f’ing irks me!!!!

  • Choo

    Since when has anybody cared about vagina size?

  • thinkbeforeyouspeak

    you were VERY quick to point out the “(mis)perception that Asian men have the smallest penises of all the races.” however, when you addressed vagina size, this issue was “a lot tougher of a question than [you] originally thought.” THERE IS NOTHING TOUGH ABOUT STEREOTYPES. this article sucks.

  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay John Lindsay

    First of all…”if “races” of humans DOES NOT EXIST…how in the hell can there be racial differences?!

    “The division of the world’s peoples into distinct groups – “red,”
    “black,” “white” or “yellow” peoples – has became so deeply imbedded in
    our psyches, so widely accepted, many would promptly dismiss as crazy
    any suggestion of its falsity. Yet, that’s exactly what this
    provocative three-hour series by California Newsreel claims. Race – The Power of an Illusion
    questions the very idea of race as biology, suggesting that a belief in
    race is no more sound than believing that the sun revolves around the

    Yet race still matters. Just because race doesn’t exist
    in biology doesn’t mean it isn’t very real, helping shape life chances
    and opportunities.”

    JL: The American Psychological Association, the American Anthropological Association (in 1955), the Human Genome Project (2009) and several other organizations…ALL believe that “races” of humans do not exist.


  • https://www.facebook.com/JohnCLindsay John Lindsay

    Finally…a reply with some common sense.

  • gfr

    Anybody who suggests that asians are shorter than blacks is obviously a racist.
    Also, anybody who suggests that there are fewer asians in the NBA than blacks is obviously a racist.
    I am so glad you Old, White, Male, Racist fools are dying out so that we can usher in a new era of tolerance and diversity.

  • SK

    Pleaaase, people…. I’m a white girl who grew up in Hawaii, spent lots of time in Japan, and (and with one exception!) have slept with only Asian men. Penis size is a myth (how do I know, given my limted history, you ask—I’m from Hawaii! We’re very live and let live, and I’ve seen a lot of naked, albeit mostly unaroused, white men).

    In addition to the men I have dated, and male friends that I grew up with, I have also seen more naked Asian women than probably most of the white male posters on this board put together.

    I have never ever ever encountered any kind of reaction or comment from adult Asian men (so far an exciting parade of East Asians, from all over, ha ha) that would suggest that they had experienced anything smaller. In fact, most explicitly stated that the opposite, and quite a few of them had only been with Asian women. A Korean man from Los Angeles went out of his way to tell me that the “tightest girls (he had) been with were white, hands down…” He was obviously a huge whore, but had sent a lot of time in China and Korea, and had been with a lot of Chinese (and I imagine, Korean women).

    And even though this thread is about vaginas and not vulvas, out of the 200+ naked Asian girls I’ve seen in locker rooms and public baths and just around growing up, the hairless/semi-hairless ones looked exactly the same as their hairless, haole counterparts.

  • http://nyctalking.com/ Angel Rodriguez

    I’m going to agree with a few of you on this topic. It’s best not to touch it. Read, observe the opinion of the writer, and leave it be. :-)

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