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  • “a word” [noun] – a short talk or conversation
  • “A-Word” [noun] – a unit of the English language, starting with the letter ‘A’

8Asians’ The A-Word — the official podcast of 8Asians.com — aims to be a fun conversation piece talking expertly about things we don’t know about, and having very serious debates about trivial things. Guests for this episode — recorded March 27, 2011 — are the editors for 8Asians: Ernie Hsiung, Moye Ishimoto and Joz Wang (@ErnieAtLYD, @moye and @Jozjozjoz, respectively) where we talk about subjects such as looting during the Japanese earthquake, Alexandra Wallace and the rumored casting wish list for the Akira remake. (EDITORS NOTE: We also talk about Lakers fans, German tourists and My Sassy Girl, but that’s neither here or there.)

Also, if you figure out who the heckler is — or where the hecklers in our podcast are from — you’ll win something from us!

We’re still working out kinks, so any comments, feedback and suggestions are welcomed. You can also contact us and send any messages to us there.

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