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    I like how dude tries to put a utopian post-racial spin on things, when as Time magazine pointed out with the very same data, “Dating App Reveals Troubling Racial Preferences.” It’s not post-racial when no one wants to date black folks, and Asian women are fetishized by everyone except Asian men.


  • wupuck

    but is it a fetish to like your own race?

  • rbgoaw

    I wouldn’t say no one wants to date black folks. Blacks usually tend to date blacks from what I gather (my own observations). I think I understand your point but saying “no one” is a bit much.

  • Meadows-Choi

    The black and non-black of the dating spectrum is a reality. I guess my husband speaks the harsh truths. These studies are more proving of skin prejudices and how African Americans are really on there own in the grander scheme of things.

  • david0688

    That’s a really good question. Is it a fetish if you only date people of your own race? If the answer is no then that would imply that interracial dating is unnatural. If yes then the people who emphasize staying within their race have their own racial fetishes.

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  • Edwin

    What’s fascinating is that apparently Asians have preference for Hispanics/Latinos?!

    I never had a particular thing for Latinas :)

    More seriously, I’m wondering if it has something to do with sample size effects. Asians are far less in numbers than blacks, hispanics, and whites. It could be that they just happen to survey a bunch of Asian guys with Latina fetish.

  • Jack

    There is a clear explanation for his behavior. Every Asian person should read this: http://asianmancure.com/anti-asian_male_and_asian_female_sexualization_racism.php

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