Will Chinese Soon Be The Primary Language In America?

As I spend my time in the metropolitan areas of United States such as New York, Los Angeles, and Boston, I often hear people speaking other languages other than English. More often, I would hear people speaking Chinese. According to a 2007 census, Chinese is ranked third after English and Spanish as the language most used in American homes. That is only about 2.5 million people who speak Chinese, but around 34.5 million people speak Spanish fluently in America. Overall, there are one billion people in the world who speak Chinese, most of which are populated in parts of Asia.

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Chinese Man With Amputated Arms Teaches Us To Never Give Up

Sometimes we whine over little things and wonder why we can’t be wealthier, prettier, smarter, etc. At the end of the day, we end up feeling miserable, when in reality, we are actually more fortunate than a lot of people in the world.  I admit I used to get sad over little failures and mishaps, but I realized that instead of wasting my time making people feel sorry for me, I should use that time to try harder to help others who are less fortunate than me. There are people out there who can’t even afford to feed themselves, get an education, or afford good healthcare when they are sick; yet, they are still happy because they stay optimistic and hopeful.

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Asian Americans Win Gold Medals At The 2012 Olympics For USA

It has almost been a week since Olympics began and every moment of it has been exciting to watch. On Tuesday, July 31, 2012, Kyla Ross along with her teammates won a gold medal in Women’s Gymnastics. Ross is part Japanese, Filipino, Black and Puerto Rican. She is only fifteen and she is really talented. USA has not won a gold medal in Women’s Gymnastics since 1996.  Another Asian American winner of the Olympics is Nathan Adrian. He graduated from University of California, Berkeley and he is part Chinese and White. He won the gold medal for USA in 100m Men’s Freestyle on Wednesday August 1, 2012. August 1, 2012 also happens to be the birthday of the first Asian American, Sammy Lee, to win a gold medal for USA in 1948 Olympics in London.

Go Team USA!

Do Asians Sleep the Least?

Ever since I took this class called Psychobiology of Sleep and Dreams, which discusses many topics on sleep disorders, studies regarding sleep and the significance of their findings, and even a comparative analysis of sleep amongst many animal groups, I found an interest in reading on many scholarly articles and journals on sleep studies.

Most of you probably already know that sleep is important for health. Sleep deprivation can lead to memory loss, weakened immune system, weight gain. Driving behind the wheel while one is drowsy is just as dangerous as drinking and driving. Oversleeping is also not good because it could lead to diabetes, headaches, heart diseases, poor dietary habits, etc. I admit I am guilty of oversleeping sometimes, especially on the weekends to compensate for the lack of sleep during the week.
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Banks Introduce ATM Machines in Myanmar

We are all familiar with the automated teller machine (ATM). It is a machine we use to withdraw and deposit money and it doesn’t take a genius to operate. However, this is actually a privilege that we have such a convenience to use this machine because some countries do not have even an automated teller system.

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Jim Nakano’s The Donut Man Shop Celebrates 40th Anniversary

Many may not know a man by the name of Jim Nakano, however, the Donut Man might ring a bell. Nakano, at age 72, is the owner and the creator of the best-selling strawberry donut. His doughnut shop, The Donut Man, is located in Glendora, California, with many loyal customers including me.

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MYX TV Pemieres MashBox Interactive Series With App

We iPhone users are spoiled. I use my iPhone to its fullest, including using the Starbucks app to buy drinks at Starbucks, another app to read magazines… sometimes I even use the magic 8 ball app when I can’t decide an answer to a yes or no question. Now, there is even a more interactive app for people who want to find out more about the hosts of a show they are watching, what the products the show is advertising, where to buy the song they hear on television, etc.

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Why Is K-Pop So Popular?

I remember a couple years back when my friends and I heard the song by Girls’ Generation called “Gee.” We even attempted to do their choreography and pretended we are the Girl’s Generation. Alright, we shouldn’t get into the details of that… They have become even more popular and well known since then. As a matter of fact, they are a worldwide sensation! Earlier this year Girls’ Generation performed their single, “The Boys” on the Late Show with David Letterman.

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Organ Trafficking In Asia: The Poor Sells Organs and Ends Up Ill

Imagine you are in this scenario: your family member or you need an organ transplant. In America, Canada, and even many parts of the world; you would have to be lucky for a generous organ donor to donate the organ to you. Not only that, the organ has to be compatible with your body by matching your blood type, tissue, and doctors will have to check to see if the antibodies would cause rejection of the organ. It seems that the chances of getting that organ transplant are slim.

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First Ever 626 Night Market in Southern California

There are two weeks left before the first Southern California Asian night market in Pasadena, California. The night market is called 626 Night Market,  as 626 is the area code of the area. If you do not know already, the number 626 is usually symbolizes an area with many Asian Americans, Asian cuisines, etc. The founders of this night market are a couple—Johnny and Janet Hwang. They are both from Taiwan, and night markets are a cultural commodity in Taiwan.

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Subtle Identity Threats Could Bias Asian Americans In Making Decisions

I have an interest reading up research papers and looking at new findings from studies. Recently I came across one study of Asian Americans and their identity. A recent psychology study by a UC Berkeley graduate student Maya Guendelman and her colleagues focused on whether one is really an American can affect the choices of food they want to eat. That may not be the most interesting question of interest.

However, the criteria of determining if you are an American for one of the studies is to ask an innocuous question such as “Do you speak English?” to half of the sample of Asian Americans seems to be interesting. That question alone seemed to bias Asian Americans to choose food associated with America such as burgers and French fries compared to a group of Asian Americans who had not been asked this question and a group of White Americans that should not be affected by this question.

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Asian New Yorker Smoking Rates Are Not Dropping

I have been to New York a couple of times and I was too focused on the face paced environment that it had not occurred to me how many cities like New York that are populated with many Asian Americans still have many smokers on the streets. Many smokers in New York are primarily Asian men. One of the smokers, Mr. Vu who smokes a pack of Dunhill cigarette a day said, “It’s not good for me, but I can’t stop.” The city’s health department began to take action to control the smoking rates.

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