San Francisco: NAAAP-SF 2013 Lunar New Year Celebration & Macy’s Fashion Show

The last National Association of Asian American Professionals (NAAAP) San Francisco event I had attended was the Gateway to Leadership regional conference last Fall. Last week, in celebration of the Lunar New Year, NAAAP-SF – in collaboration with Kollaboration SF, organized a fashion show along with some Asian American musical performances (along with a lion dance) held and sponsored by Macy’s near Union Square.


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If you haven’t heard of Kollaboration, Kollaboration is “an annual event and movement produced by young Asian and Pacific Islander (API) professionals and students to promote a strong API presence in entertainment and media.”

The event was well attended, with clearly over 100+ guests with plenty of wine and water to go around, although I could have grabbed more hors d’oeuvres. The event started off with a lion dance, the some few welcoming words, then a performance by Hip Hop violinist Corey Crywolffs, then the fashion show, some closing remarks and a performance by acoustic duo Charito Soriano and FunkCH3N


Michelle Obama Wears Another Jason Wu Dress for Inauguration Ball


Four years ago, Michelle Obama’s decision to wear a Jason Wu gown for the President Obama’s 2009 inaugural ball brought Taiwanese American designer Jason Wu into the world’s spotlight.

On the occasion of her husband’s second inauguration, the First Lady chose another custom Jason Wu design, this one a ruby-colored chiffon and velvet gown, and in the process, securing her spot as Jason Wu’s biggest fan. In fact, Michelle Obama was also the first person to wear clothes from Jason’s contemporary label ‘Miss Wu.’

The New York Times reports on the First Lady’s inauguration fashion choices:

All day, designers were glued to the television to see what Mrs. Obama was wearing, hoping it would be them, but she ultimately chose the same one who made the first inauguration a fashion success. The dress was persimmon-colored with cross-halter straps and a loose fit similar to the ivory one-shouldered gown she wore in 2009. Her shoes were from Jimmy Choo, and the dress design included a handmade diamond ring by Kimberly McDonald.

“I’m still floating,” Mr. Wu said from his design studio, where he was watching the ball with his staff. “It is a big surprise. The White House kept me pretty clueless until five minutes ago.”

The bright red color, which a White House pool report described as “ruby,” was also shocking, especially after a weekend of events when the first lady wore a series of streamlined dresses in dark colors. Many designers thought she would wear blue.

“As a designer, you have to drown out all of that noise,” Mr. Wu said. “You have to think about the client, and I felt like red was such a perfect color for her. It’s such a confident color for her and it really was my first instinct.”

Over at 8Asians, we’re fans of commenting on his personal life and the Jason Wu Target Collection which debuted during the Super Bowl in 2012.

h/t: John

Photo credit: Luke Sharrett for The New York Times

Obama 44 Shirt, Wait 4-4?

I was in the middle of a nice conversation on Facebook when this shirt popped up on my newsfeed. Yes, Obama is our 44th president. Yes, this hip and snazzy shirt was made available 44 days before election day. A shirt that says “OBAMA 44”? Totally makes sense. Except to people who speak Chinese and have a inkling of Chinese numeric-linguistic homonym sensibilities. Let me explain.

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Veteran Clothing Stirs Up Trouble With Actual Veterans

By Bill

I recently discovered an apparel company called Veteran Clothing through a Stolen Valor website. Anyone would assume that this company would be run by veterans, for veterans, but that’s far from the truth. Veteran Clothing is actually run by CEO Billy Troung, a 19 year old entrepreneur whose company mission statement is,

VETERAN is about experience and being original. Your Own Boss. You’ve been in the game for infinite years. Everyone Respects You. No more fancy handshakes, stay Saluting. Remember, you can be a Veteran in anything.

Of course, this has caused uproar within the military veteran community, and many military veterans feel that this diminishes the value of the word veteran and the sacrifices they have made. I am personally angry at what Billy is doing, his practices within the company I view as deplorable and outrageous.

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Jeremy Lin’s Nike Air Force One Has Landed

Nike had announced back in May that they would be releasing a Jeremy Lin shoe as part of their Air Force One series. Well, Air Force One landed on July 7th and is available in limited quantities for $100 at I believe only House of Hoops by Foot Locker locations for national chains. In looking for more information about the shoes, I didn’t realize what a community of shoe collectors there are on the Internet and came across this review on YouTube of Lin’s shoe.

How High Heels Are Today’s Foot-binding

When I read the article about Chinese foot-binding in the Los Angeles Times, I really found it highlighted the complexity of the practice of foot-binding. On the one hand it was a painful, dangerous, demeaning, and debilitating practice that women were coerced to engage in. On the other hand, it’s a historical tradition, an expression of conceptions of beauty from a certain human time and place, and a wealth of treasured shared experiences cherished by the women who practiced it. Who are we as modern Americans or modern people to judge the practice as barbaric, sexist, and outdated? Especially, when America and many other societies around the world continue to engage in similar barbaric, sexist, and outdated practices. Specifically, I’m picking on heels today, especially high heels. High heels are a modern form of foot-binding. More after the jump.

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Sulwhasoo Niemen Marcus West Coast Launch At the San Francisco Asian Art Museum

Sulwhasoo invited 8Asians to partake in the Niemen Marcus Launch Party to celebrate the long-anticipated arrival of this amazing Korean cosmetics line here on the west coast. Fashion journalists and bloggers were invited to the Asian Art Museum to meet with the line’s key representatives. Sulwhasoo has been at Bergdorf Goodman in New York for the past year, but Amore Pacific, the parent company that owns Sulwhasoo, just made its debut in San Francisco and Honolulu earlier last month.

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Giveaway: Limited Edition “My Linja” Shirt by My Ninja!

With the overwhelming performance of Jeremy Lin of The New York Knicks, MY NINJA! Clothing launched a collection of limited edition tees and tanks in honor of the Bay Area native who has taken the media by storm. Many people find Jeremy Lin to be an inspiration. His interviews and story tell us about humility, hard work and dedication. He is a game changer, and exemplifies a true story of the underdog. These limited edition “My Linja” shirts by My Ninja! are dedicated to him, and his fans across the world.

Founded in 2008 by cousins Peter Rocks and Sam Hong, My Ninja! has been gaining popularity all across the entertainment industry. It’s combination of vivid colors and simplistic positive message has translated well in the international dance community as well as the American and Asian music industries.

My Ninja! emerged itself as a brand to watch in 2009. After expose with MTV’s America’s Best Dance Crews, such as The Beat Freaks (Rino Nakasone, Maryss from Paris, Bgirl Shorty), and Interscope artist FAR EAST MOVEMENT, My Ninja! further moved on with its first shirt collaboration with Warner Bros’ movie “Ninja Assassin,” with heavy promotion with Korean superstar, Rain, along with Raekwon (Wu-Tang Clan), Murs, and Xzibit.

My Ninja! is also providing 8Asians a promo code for 15% off: LINJASTAR.

My Ninja! is giving two lucky 8Asians readers a chance to win their limited edition “My Linja!” t-shirt!

Ok, ok, so you you’re ready to enter? Read on!
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Help Fight Stereoptypes With Asian Crew Clothing

By Matthew

I’m a member of Asian Crew Clothing, along with Hao-Kai Wu, Ryan Kwan, Kevin Han and Kevin Foo. I started this company because being Asian is cool.

In history classes, Asian Pacific American history is overlooked, and hardly even discussed. Our ancestors who moved here from their homeland faced hatred and were subject to hurtful stereotypes. Somehow, they managed to work hard, earning minimal wage to make their children’s lives better. They instilled in us a work ethic and discipline that has cultivated success. Yet some how, many Asian stereotypes still exist today and are exemplified in the media.

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Jason Wu’s Target Collection Debuts With Super Bowl XLVI

By Joni

This past Sunday, women (and some men, I suppose) all over the nation put their big game strategies in motion. Noooo, I’m not talking about football. Football is a walk in the park compared to what some people went through in order to score pieces from Jason Wu’s highly anticipated collection for Target stores. Wu, a high end fashion designer, created a 53 piece collection for Target which consists of fun dresses, skirts, tops and to complete the look, handbags and scarves!

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8Days Giveaway: 8Asians’ NINJA WINS T-shirt by Blacklava

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: karin wang, Ninjaboi Banzai, and Anthony!

This is part of 8Asians’ 2011 “8Days of Giveaways” Celebration.

Remember the highly-coveted NINJA WINS t-shirt we unveiled with Blacklava for Comic-Con last year?

Designed by the fabulous Christine Miguel of NIWE Style Clothing, the fast-selling shirt has been one of the most popular designs at the Blacklava booth at events like Comic-Con and the TN Party.

Thanks to our partners Ryan Suda & his entire team at Blacklava, you can order the shirt online but if you act fast, you can get it as a late holiday gift from 8Asians!

More on the concept of the shirt:

Ahh, Pirates Versus Ninjas – it’s the topic people the world over have debated for centuries, if by “the world over” you mean “internet bulletin boards frequented by sixteen year olds,” and by “centuries” you mean “however long memes last, which is like two or three years.”

Featuring items for Asian Americans everywhere, Blacklava is a grassroots organization whose mission is to raise questions about how Asian Americans are viewed in today’s society. They try to put themselves in the position where they can “improve, learn, teach, and to be challenged.”

Blacklava features a wide range of items, from t-shirts to mugs to taiko sticks. Each item is created with the purpose of sending a message, and you can send it in style.

Do some shopping at Blacklava and get 10% off of a minimum purchase of $25 with promo code: 8ASIANS10

Over at GASP!, we had the final say in the age-old debate: “Well, let the good folks here at 8Asians end this argument for you guys once and for all: The Ninjas Win. The ninjas totally win. The ninjas totally win because they’re Asian. Pack your bags, kids, game over.”

8Asians is giving some lucky 8Asians readers a chance to win our “NINJA WINS” t-shirt!

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8Days Giveaway: TC Charton Asian Fit Eyewear Sunglasses

UPDATE: Congrats to our winners: Ed Penano and Amber Ying!

This is part of 8Asians’ 2011 “8Days of Giveaways” Celebration.

Designed by Alexandra Peng Charton, with over fifteen years of experience in the industry, TC Charton is an eyewear line for Asian features. The first line of its kind designed in North America, the company creates both opthalmic frames and sunglasses. Unlike other “Asian fit” eyewear lines, they offer numerous styles to address different fit concerns.

TC Charton is modern and sleek, with a design philosophy of “everyday luxury”. Men, women and children can get a pair that complements their unique features. And, should you find yourself having trouble picking out a frame, you can send a headshot to Alexandra Peng and she will suggest the best fit for you.

Over at GASP!, we loved how they had such a wide range of frames, including one which “would be perfect when paired with a scarf and an open convertible.”

TC Charton is giving two lucky 8Asians readers, one male and one female, a chance to win the sunglasses of their choice!

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