Dancing his way into her Heart: A Dance Video Proposal

UntitledWhile you may have already seen Joshua Dela Cruz’s surprise proposal to Amanda Phillips disguised as a dance video shoot, but I thought I’d share it for three reasons.  First, it’s a lot more original than a flash mob proposal–those are so 2011!   Second, it portrays an Asian-White romance where the genders are atypical.  Finally, it features a guy who looks like my nephew’s son.   They both wear the same kind of hat, and both are excellent dancers!

Dela Cruz and Phillips originally met while dancing.   Using the pretense of filming another dance seems like a clever and fitting way to propose. Joshua Dela Cruz  is currently appearing on Broadway in Aladdin and is an understudy for the title role.   Amanda Phillips is a working actress, singer, and dancer.

‘If You Are In A Shell…’ Painted Choreography by Harry Shum, Jr

8A-2014-01-14-HarryShumJr-IfYouAreInAShellMany of us were painfully shy as children (I was), but most of us did not grow up to become dancers or actors to be seen around the world in hit productions.

Former shy kid Harry Shum, Jr. choreographed this colorful interpretive dance piece, narrated by Ze Frank, for everyone who can relate.

Awesome Dance Lessons With Mike Song


Have you always wanted to dance and actually look awesome while doing it? Thanks to Mike Song here (from KABA Modern fame), he is providing a fantastic service where a new dance tutorial will be released every Tuesday. It’s EXTREMELY informative, and Mike definitely takes his time showing the moves so you can learn at your own pace. Unlike dance classes, you can always pause and rewind and keep doing it until you get it just right. Too awesome.

H/T to Angela R!!

Club KT Shibuya Store Opens As DJ Hello Kitty Spins To Japanese Teenagers

In Japan, Sanrio opened Club KT Shibuya, a new store for Hello Kitty merchandise. But this isn’t your typical Sanrio shop.

“Teenagers want to experience club culture for themselves, but they are not allowed to go into places where alcohol is served. Here they can experience club culture,” Tohmatsu [spokesman for Sanrio] told AFP.

It’s a neat idea because it’s basically the club culture inside a retail place which allows the younger generation to experience some of what their older siblings do. If they started some serious techno/trance tracks in that store, I’d be somewhat curious if you’d see some blue pills being passed around that had the Hello Kitty emblem stamped on it.

It looks like Hello Kitty is going to a new level. Since cute is meeting this side of cool, I’m half expecting the Sanrio multi-million dollar brand to start spinning with the likes of Q-bert and Daft Punk at some point. All jesting aside, I think this is totally a smart marketing play by Sanrio. In the States, one of the stores that pushes some cute things along to teenagers happens to be Hot Topic. And in the same type of mannerisms, cool meets cute. Hot Topic is a little more emo and punk styles but you get the idea.

Harry Shum Jr Has the Moves in Glee and the New iPod Nano Commercial

It’s Wednesday night, which means it’s Glee night! In honor of my favorite new show of the season, I’d like to give a shout-out to Harry Shum, Jr.

We haven’t seen him– or rather his character Mike Chang– too much yet, but according to IMDB he is appearing in at least 9 episodes this season. I’m hoping they’ll do a little more character development on some of the newer members of the McKinley HS Glee Club soon, but until then, I’m glad to see this talented guy singing and dancing in the background.

harryshumjrIf you think Harry looks familiar, then maybe it’s because you’ve seen him in any number of other incarnations– as a member and choreographer of the Legion of Extraordinary Dancers (The LXD), as a recurring guest actor on iCarly, as a dancer in Step Up 2, or any number of iPod commercials. Not only is Harry in the newest iPod nano commercial (he’s silver/grey in the video above), he was one of the original “silhouettes” in the highly successful Apple iPod commercial and print campaign. Harry’s resume is extensive and impressive, and I’m sure we’re only going to see more of him!

About his heritage, Harry tells Asiance Magazine:

I have a unique story. I am full Chinese. My father is from Fujian and my mom was born in Hong Kong. I was actually born in Costa Rica because they moved there to start a business. My sisters were born there as well. I feel I have the best of so many worlds. I speak Chinese and Spanish. Spanish is actually my first language before I learned Chinese and English, so it kind of messes with your brain when there are three different languages going on. It can be pretty intense but I got through it. [full story]

I’m glad that I get to have a weekly Wednesday night date with this hottie on Glee! You can follow him @iharryshum and check out his moves from his reel from over a year ago:

Hot K-pop: After School

A lot of blogs out there seem to be following K-pop jailbait: the Wonder Girls and Big Bang Seungri’s abs have been written about by Perez Hilton, and SNSD — also known as Girls’ Generation — has been covered by Marc Ecko’s Complex Blog as well as FourFour. I’d like to scoop everyone and introduce the latest addition of the decidedly non-jailbait variety to the K-pop scene: After School.

Why hello there, sexy dance move at the 37 second mark.

Modeled after the Pussycat Dolls, After School brings a breath of fresh air to the K-pop scene currently saturated with gag-inducing cutesy sugar rot. As a fan of K-pop, it’s really irksome not to see adult women having adult-like fun, so it was really interesting to watch artists known for being sexy like Jewelry and Son Dambi perform after the 10pm watershed time during the year-end awards. Likewise, it was also interesting to see the other cutesy girl groups try “sexy” in comparison – and seeing how they have no idea how to pull it off properly.

After School’s members are under Pledis Entertainment, the same company as Son Dambi. Judging by all their performers, I would imagine they have a height requirement of at least 167cm. (You must be THIS tall to audition.) Their image, while sexy, is directly geared towards women – making men even more hot for them. People were initially skeptical when rumours swirled about Son Dambi joining the group, abandoning her solo success late last year. All of that was put to rest when the group debuted last week (January 17, 2009) with a jaw dropping performance.

I have NEVER seen a debut group take such command of the stage followed by sexually charged fan-girling on a forum. It’s GIRL POWER on a whole other level and something the Korean viewing audience seems to crave. They haven’t even been around for two weeks and already the dance craze is beginning. My office for the last week has been a repeat of Son Dambi’s ‘Bad Boy‘ feat. After School’s Park GaHee and After School’s Play Girlz and AH (see above).

I showed their debut performance to a male co-worker who immediately asked, “Are they all legal?” followed by “Pass the tissue box.

(Hat tip: 8A’s Jun, who’s a closet K-pop fan, sent me the link from Complex perhaps in hopes that I would talk about Girls Generation (SNSD), so he wouldn’t have to … sorry bud – not a fan.)

So You Think Asians Can Dance

I admit it. I’ve been obsessively watching this season’s So You Think You Can Dance and while I have some favorites and the show has progressed from Auditions to the final ten, I’ve been really excited to see two very different and versatile dancers progress through the program: Mark Kanemura hailing from Honolulu, Hawaii and Katee Shean, originally from San Jose, California. Katee did a fantastic Bollywood routine last week – a first for the series and a hit with the judges:

An extra AzN PrYDe moment a couple weeks back was watching most excellent Dance Crew Quest rock it out with a phenom performance. Several members of the crew being former finalists in previous seasons of SYTYCD — definitely worth keeping an eye out for in the future.