Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

So, the age-old question: Why do Asian girls go for white guys?

A friend (who happens to be Caucasian guy and married to an Asian American girl) asked if there really are more interracial couples than intra-racial couples out there. “Asian guys complain about all this interracial dating, but is it really all that common? Or are they just noticing the few interracial couples out there and making a big thing out of it?”

Hmm. So I did an informal poll amongst my friends and found that 27% of them are in interracial relationships, within all of which the girls are Asian American. They all happen to be in the San Francisco Bay Area too.

(BTW, his is a highly unscientific poll and really doesn’t mean squat, except to show that 27% of my friends are in interracial relationships. Do a poll amongst your friends. See what you get.)

(Also check out Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys: A Response and Why Asian Guys Can’t Get White Girls for more juicy coverage.)

So why do you think Asian girls go for white guys?

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180 Responses to Why Asian Girls Go For White Guys

  1. theCapedCrusader says:

    It is funny how all the asian men on here try to hide the truth. face it, asian women go for white men in the US because we are physically superior. We are taller, stronger, better looking, have higher class status, are more liberal and open minded, and of course have larger penises than you jackasses. Sometimes the truth hurts. but hey, you’ll always be better in math!

  2. Torontoboy says:

    Beautiful people are you beautiful people and the heart does not discriminate race, colour (yes I am Canadian) or creed. However, as a white male I have been told from past Asian lovers that I am much more passionate in the bedroom, as opposed to their experiences with Asian men who have been very quick to get down to business.

  3. asianexpatguy says:

    To Asian guy: As a ABC GUY who’s lived and worked in Los Angeles, Singapore, Bangkok, Hanoi, Taipei, AND Shanghai, I will tell you the the TRUTH why the yellow fever phenomena exists and why you have been betrayed:

    1) ALL asian cultures have an ingrained disposition for looking for mates (both girls+boys) with PALE SKIN. This is why you never see asian girl + blacks / indian / mexican.

    2) Pretty asian girls with pale flawless skin and petite bodies are a dime-a-dozen in asia,

    ESPECIALLY in the entire Jiangsu province (Shanghai), and local Chinese guys will treat them as such. Not a problem for hot 10/10 girls, but average and below-average girls feel marginalized, frustrated, and lonely.

    In comparison, laowais have a very lowered standard of beauty because white chicks are so fat, vulgar, and unfeminine. So, laowais will fawn over and chase average looking Chinese girls and make them feel pretty, special, and wanted.

    This is what makes SPGs embrace western culture, talk with a fake/exaggerated aussie/british accent, and betray asian guys. If you’ve studied psychology, it is because they are “preserving their ego”. ie, “asian guys don’t appreciate me the way white guys do, therefore asian guys must be inferior”. Don’t EVER mention this to a SPG though, she will just get super defensive and say something like “love is blind” etc. (Well if love were so blind, why aren’t you SPGs slutting it up to blacks? LOL)

    When it comes to ABC/CBC guys THE TABLES ARE TURNED! In America + Europe, asian guys have it the worst. White girls ignore them and SPG asian girls “betray” them, so a huge number of lonely asian guys are chasing the leftover non-SPG girls. Supply and demand -> frustrated lonely guys with lowered standards of beauty.

    Anyway, these ABC/CBC “expats” who come back to work in China all of a sudden find themselves in man’s paradise because they possess the desired laowai qualities (civilized, romantic, lowered standards, $$$), but also look Chinese enough for the girl to PROUDLY show off to her parents and friends.

    3) Hollywood propagates the idea that white guys are sexually superior to asian guys. This is so obvious and insulting that I don’t need to explain it. In countries like northern Vietnam where Hollywood “propaganda” is muted, it is very rare to see asian girl + laowai.
    Lucky for us though, a lot of rich Chinese companies have been buying up stakes in American film studios, so in the next few decades we will start seeing asian guys pimping it on the big screen. For example, do you know why Ken Watanabe was portrayed as such a pimp handsome guy in Inception? It’s because asian investors financed Christopher Nolan’s film company.

    And just so you understand the context, although I look Chinese and hold a US Passport, I spend most of my time in asia for all the reasons above.a

  4. Ed says:

    Geez I hope you choose a white guy. We need to ensure that we get this ditz out of the gene pool

  5. Asian_Brown_Eyes says:

    They don’t have any pride in themselves or their culture. Asian men know what they got to do. They care about family and want their offspring like themselves because they are PROUD. We’re all trying to working to our goal for our future family’s sake. Girls mostly are weak minded. AF’s don’t see what AmeriKKKa is doing to their brains. They make you hate your own kind. I can’t believe it. I use to be dumb myself, but I never hated my own Asian people. What’s wrong with you girls? You need to look in the mirror and see yourself. I wonder how many of these Asian girls that date white folks even know anything about the history of the country their culture stems from? Probably 10%And to my brothers: Some guy mentioned this earlier. Remember Bruce Lee and Jackie Chan. They kicked white ass all the time and they showed who was superior and who was inferior. So if you ever get the blues picture them in your head kicking Chuck Norris’s, Benny The Jet or Abdul Jaabar’s ass. 🙂

  6. darkmoon says:

    @Asian_Brown_Eyes You do realize that using Bruce Lee as an example tells me that you’re in that 10% that you mention.

    Bruce Lee himself married a white girl. His mother was of German and Chinese descent, which makes him a quarter Caucasian.

  7. Asian_Brown_Eyes says:

    @darkmoon @Asian_Brown_Eyes Jesus. You’re always bringing down your Asian brothers aren’t you? Every single comment I see. He was 1/4 Caucasian. His mother married a Chinese man. They don’t affiliate Bruce with white people you idiot. They couldn’t handle Bruce’s manliness. I know which side you’re on anyway.

  8. darkmoon says:

    @Asian_Brown_Eyes Don’t blame me when you put yourself in that situation. And you still missed the part that he married a white girl. It’s common knowledge. I won’t dispute whether or not Bruce Lee was manly though.

  9. europ says:

    @asianexpatguy You seem to know alot about psychology, don’t you (sarcasm)? Even if you do, your infantile, whiny propagation of this hilariously pathetic “Asian nationalism” summoned up from Asian girls going out with White men just shows how you know squat about the psychology of your own whiny behavior, and how you’re jealous and trying to find a logical reason to calling “betraying” Asian girls sluts. Don’t get emotional when giving opinionated information, because it’s biased right off the top. And Asian girls betray their culture every time they go out with a White man? You’ve got to be kidding. Asian culture nowadays focuses on success and family. What are White men stereotyped for? Success, and as well as simply noted for being “high-tier” due to their race and gender. Also, the idea of beauty in the West is in favor of stereotypical European features, primarily small, narrow nose, and larger/sultry eyes. they’re pretty much European characteristics, of course. Now, before you get all hyped and nominate me a part of the KKK, calm down, and be scientific. Asians predominantly have narrow eyes and many have “mono-eyelids”. Mono-eyelids right off the top not considered beautiful in WESTERN culture. I don’t know about Asian culture. All cultures have different perspective on beauty. Not my fault these Asian phenotypes aren’t favored in a completely different culture. Now, what changes when Asians immigrate to a Western country? Western culture is subconsciously absorbed, and this is the case that is especially predisposed to Asians who have immigrated during early youth. Asians born here pretty much absorb all of Western culture/perspective, with a hint of their noted, and obvious, heritage of their ethnicity. And so, that is another reason why Asian girls in Western countries prefer White men. Don’t fret, Asian guys.

    And there you have it. The social status of White men, and the Western influence on an Asian girl’s perspective on beauty is the sole reason why you see many more WM/AF relationships. What’s ironic is that the only people moaning and complaining about this interracial type composing of White/Asian are Asian men. Give me a break. If you guys stopped trying to find some sort of ego-booster for your Asian brothers by whining about how White guys get Asian girls maybe you’d finally get a White girl for the first time. Pathetic.

  10. man says:

    @Ed what a twat

  11. man says:

    I have had several asian girlfriends (I am white and very good-looking) and I have had many white and latin girlfriends. I asked my asian girlfriends why they find white guys attractive and they say that they like the passion of a real man. You hardly ever see a white woman with an asian man because asian men are sometimes feminine… it’s NOT attractive to western women. Men need to be men… to love and protect woman… They also size that size matters 😉

  12. man says:

    I have had several asian girlfriends (I am white and very good-looking) and I have had many white and latin girlfriends. I asked my asian girlfriends why they find white guys attractive and they say that they like the passion of a real man. You hardly ever see a white woman with an asian man because asian men are sometimes feminine… it’s NOT attractive to western women. Men need to be men… to love and protect woman… They also say that size matters 😉

  13. Boogerhead says:

    Because it’s easy. White guys have no emotional leverage with me and there are no racial injustices like with other minorities that make you mind your manners and socially, their openness make them easy to take on and easy to discard. I am not a fan of Asian female/White male relationships because without genuine barriers, it’s not Romeo and Juliet jumping through hoops to be together. Apologies to the true love relationships, but I’m not automatically respectful of AFWM couplings. I’d like to return to my early childhood indifference to them the way I was before I learned about racism. I think John Lennon did a lot to damage the image of AFWM pairings. He just came off as so stupid.

  14. EmilyElaineDzenowski says:

    @Peter4life @Alex75 Hahaha! Peter4life, Just a little FYI, most of the AMWF couples I know involve Korean males XD and both sides are from “well-to-do” families. I’m probably the only one out of my friends that is not “well-to-do” at the moment because i’m in college. Honestly, though I find you quite funny, your logic is anything but logical.

  15. Ed says:

    @man Oh boy looks like pollution is problem on forums as well. And just for reference those asian girlfriends you’re referring to were lady boys and pre-op transgenders so your opinion is invalid here. Not to worry there are other sites you can visit. Hahahaha!!

  16. Ed says:

    @Boogerhead Here’s a bit of odd, coincidental trivia for you. John Lennon’s killer Mark Chapman was/is also married to an Asian women. Japanese-American Gloria Chapman. She is still technically married to him and sees him once a year for a single conjugal visit. That’s dedication, though I suspect part of it would be the fact most men (asian, white or otherwise) wouldn’t touch her with a 10 ft pole after finding out who she is.

  17. man says:

    @Ed @ Haha… seems like I hit a raw nerve with what I said. Ok… I better explain and not give an immature answer like yours…
    Ok, first…this summary is not mine… they are words from all my friends (girls) who say some of them don’t feel attracted to Asian guys. The girls tell me that some of the guys have very different values to them… People are amazing… driven by emotions… and most people are curious about other people and races. From what I have read on this forum I have come to a conclusion that some Asian men feel threatened by Western guys. I assume the media stereotyping has not helped this… but it also reflects on what women like… what they find attractive… maybe traditional cultural values are overlooked by some Asian girls who follow their emotions… want to experience a new and possibly more free way of life without traditional boundaries or cultural influences. I also have a lot of Asian male friends who love to date western women – it does go both ways… but I agree the majority is Asian girl – Western guy.

    ED – I believe every opinion is valid… only listening to people that you agree with may not be the best way to understand this situation?

  18. Ed says:

    @man Ohh man, man!! Did you ever hit a nerve, my funny bone!! Like I alluded to and you obviously didn’t get is your opinion is invalid here. I could put on a white cloak and white pointy hat and sneak into one of your “gatherings” and get a vastly different opinion of Asians then I would from my group of friends. What you lack is perspective. You have a classic case of narcissistic personality disorder (you can get treated for it as well) in which you frame the world as you want it to be. Your opinion of a few girls, who were for the most part feeding your bloated ego in the first place, is biased. Do you really expect them to say “I’m not really attracted to white guys, I like asian guys better” to your face while they’re going out with you? Really? I’ve had a ton of white girls tell me that they don’t like white guys, while they’re with me. Do you honestly think I have the empirical data based on experience to believe the rest of the world feels the same way?

    You lost your credibility when you said you have a lot of Asian male friend. Yah Right!! Hahaha!!

  19. man says:

    @Ed @man Your immature reply sums you up. I never said ALL girls think like this. Anyway… Perspective…. hahahaha!!! I have lived in Asia for 5 years… I speak Arabic, Madarin and Cantonese… I probably have more Asian friends than you do! Haha… your reply made me laugh so much… please keep going… I think this blog will enjoy watching you try to put more silly sentences together… Try to enjoy life!

  20. AboutTime says:

    @man I got one word for you douchebag. If size matter, all the Asian chicks would be going for black guys if the stereotype holds true. Why the hell would they settle for a douchebag like you?

  21. AboutTime says:

    @asiangirl I think the biggest problem is when it comes to WMAF color is the only thing that matters. People that claim love is blindless when it comes to WMAF is just dumb. How do you explain in a big city like NYC full of black and Latinos Asian girls only go out with white men when it comes to interracial relationship? Answer: Love is not blind at all when it comes to this combination. White men in this country promotes this and like to put down Asian men cause they control the media. Have you wonder why when it comes to interracial relationships on TV and movies 90% of the men are always white? How come there aren’t like a ton of black men/white women relationship on TV cause they sure exist in real life? Well, if you got an ounce of brain you already know the answer. White men have been using Asian women to bash Asian men and they are succeeding because Asian women simply buys in to all their crap.

    If you really want to see true love is blind AMWF AMBF are more like. In a society where white men have done everything possible to bash the Asian men, you got to give these ladies some credit for going out with Asian men.

  22. AboutTime says:

    The only solution for Asian guy is they need to date out more. I am not expert but at least I asked out plenty of non Asian women during my dating days. I have not dated a ton of non Asian females but I have dated over 25. I can tell you most of these girls are very surprised when I asked them out cause I am usually the 1st Asian guy that ever asked them out. Pretty sad really. Most of these girls told me they would go out with an Asian guy if they are attracted but they never get asked out by Asian guys.

    Well Asian guys, all of you need to stop defining yourselves by acceptance by Asian women. It is obvious to me most of them could careless about dating within their own race. They seem to be only interested dating white men which is pretty pathetic in itself since it is racist.

    I will give a dirty little secret most Asian guys don’t know. There are a ton of black and Latino girls who like Asian guys but Asian men don’t ever approach them. If you guys ever take a chance, you will see what I mean.

    I also have traveled quite a bit during my life. I can assure you Angelo Saxon dominated culture like America, UK and Australia Asian men are at huge disadvantage cause white guys in these cultures go out of their way to bash Asian men in the media white trying to hyper sexualize Asian women. In South America for example, there are WAY WAY more Asian men dating interacially than here. It is not uncommon to see way more Asian men dating Brazilian girls than the other way around. Culture matters. America is a great place to make money, but it is a HORRIBLE place for Asian men socially. I think most Asian American men have been affected emotionally since young age due to relentless negative stereotypes from the media. You guys know what I am talking about with shits like nerd, geek, small penis etc. etc. Funny thing is I never got any complaints about my dick. A few white girls told me smallest dick they ever seen was on white men. It is another dirty little secret white men won’t broadcast.

  23. Ed says:

    @man Fairly predictable. I was wondering when the internet credentials were going to start flying around. So yes, we all believe you have a masters from Harvard and doctorate from MIT. You’re probably a cunning linguist to the multitude of lady boys you’ve entertained . You probably spend your weekends at a soup kitchen, teach abstract math to under-privileged children in the inner city and play the fiddle for the good folks in palliative care at your local seniors home. Well done superior white “man”.

    Anyway’s, as I said, but you don’t seem to want accept is your lack of perspective. For every asian girl you say doesn’t like asian guys I know 10 that would have nothing to do with white guys. In fact, I recently tried to convince a friend of mine to give a nice white dude a chance. Not sure it worked though. For every place in the world you tell me white people are treated like gods, there’s a 100 places where you would be strung up and stoned just for being white. Again, Narcissism is a treatable mental illness you know. Just saying.

    Oh and just as a side note. I noticed in your list of languages you didn’t have English. But I guess you knew that. Hahahaha!!!

    Awaiting your response…
    (I haven’t found a white guy this entertaining since my Irish buddy decided to light his ass on fire after chugging a pint of Guinness)

  24. Ed says:

    @AboutTime @asiangirl That’s a great point. Love is only blind when, among other things, race means nothing in love and attraction. I remember reading about a Christmas TV ad that ran in NYC where a black man was making out with a white women, to the exclusion of white men in view. Apparently the company which was the focus of the ad got a ton of hate mail messages. Didn’t say who it was from but you can pretty much guess that it was a large group of jealous white dudes. It was so bad that they had to re-shoot the ad. Wish I could find the article.

    That’s why it makes me laugh when white guys (not all obviously) come on this and other sites and say “I’m white, I’m the best”.

  25. man says:

    @AboutTime Hahahahaha…. seriously you crack me up… ‘douchebag’ hahaha!!! OMG please keep going… you are hilarious!

  26. man says:

    @Ed Oh Ed… seriously – try to enjoy life! Getting all wound up is not the answer. Just grow up a little and see the world from different perspectives – and try to accept it? You come across as a small-minded person threatened by white people… it’s sad – and I’m sorry you feel like this. I haven’t said anything about the Asian race which is derogative… (I’m only echoing what a few girls have said) but you feel the need to put the entire white population in its place. It’s unfortunate, but I guess I’m beginning to understand things better… and possibly understand why the title of this blog exists… hahaha!

  27. man says:

    @Asian_Brown_Eyes OMG… did you really write ‘Girls mostly are weak minded’… hahahaha you’re amazing… You reply to a blog asking why ‘Asian girls go for White guys’ and you write this!!! You’re hilarious!!! Don’t you see – you’ve answered the question!

  28. man says:

    @asianexpatguy OMG your reply is a perfect example of why this blog exists… hahahaha!!!

  29. man says:

    @AboutTime I think you live in a very small world… Again – thank you for answering the question of this blog… your summaries are hilarious!!!

  30. man says:

    @suesue I like your reply… you’re being open and honest about your feelings towards other people… You’re not trying to summarize the entire White population… like you say… it’s just what you find attractive. Thank you for contributing in this blog – I feel that there are a lot of people here who dislike white guys – it’s good to get a balance!

  31. man says:

    @EdShe is giving her opinion… Oh, I’m sorry you don’t like it?? Oh well… you better say something bitter against it… seriously man – you’re not helping yourself here…

  32. man says:

    @tran Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. Ed says:

    @man Wow man “enjoy life”, “grow up”. Have your arguments really come to this?Not sure whether to laugh or feel sorry for you. A bit of both actually.

    Not sure how many times I have to say this to you but I’ll keep going if only to ensure at some point that you get medical help. Narcissism is a very self destructive mental illness and can lead to violent phsychosis. In fact many serial killers are believed to have narcissistic tendencies. It’s very unhealthy to create fantasy world and then attempt to apply those rules to the real world. Go out meet new people from different backgrounds, maybe travel. And no, not the fantasy travel that you’ve been doing.

    I hate to tell you this but your responses are becoming even less cohesive than your original post. Which at best was a jumble of racist ideas and generalizations. If you don’t think so then I’m absolutely certain you’re in a drug induced, fantasy state. I guess that is the world you created though so until you get help, it’s really all we can expect from you.

    Awaiting your response…
    (On another note please put in more of those “don’t worry be happy” references, splatter a couple of those “Hahaha’s” and “you are hilarious” as well, it makes your post feel fuzzy.

  34. Ed says:

    @man There you are white “man”. As I said you can take this one. She’s obviously of the same mental capacity. I’m scared if she decides to go with an Asian guy. Can you imagine? Sadddd!!!

  35. Ed says:

    @man @AboutTime I just notice every post by man, either has hilarious or hahaha. Wow original! He did admit to not knowing how to speak English though so we can’t knock him to hard. Lol!!

  36. man says:

    @Ed You write a lot to me… are you that lonely?

  37. man says:

    @Ed This is how you treat girls? >May you be lonely all your life.

  38. man says:

    What I find disturbing about this blog is that most of the replies I have read seem to put Asian girls down… and if a girl adds a comment then some of you directly attack her. It’s sad.

    Now I completely understand why this situation exists and why this blog was created… why would girls want to be put down? Anyway, I’m leaving this blog as I feel it seems to be attracting a strange and immature group of people whose views are fabricated by the media.

    My advice – shut your computers off and GET OUT AND ASK THE GIRLS!!!

  39. Boogerhead says:

    Chinese American guys who are worth marrying tend to be precise in their targetting and usually will zero in on who they want, who they think is exactly right and sometimes these girls are Chinese Americans but not always BUT these Chinese American guys do not date as casually as American television would have us believe is normal for white Americans. There is no shame in not having a date on a Friday or Saturday for Chinese Americans and a Chinese guy who was known on the Asian party circuit or xanga or asian avenue the precursors to facebook as always changing partners would have a deserved reputation as TOXIC.

    So, I disagree with the suggestion that Chinese guys should date “more” – should they eat when they’re not hungry? I don’t think so.

  40. Boogerhead says:

    Chinese men and women are not complaining about Asian women dating white men out of sour grapes. White women don’t like seeing it either and definitely not out of sour grapes. What all three of us are seeing along with the rest of third party observers of all races is blatant exploitation of social economic inequities wrapped in a cloak of unbelievable smugness – look everyone, I’m not a racist. No, but you are too casual for your own good. If they didn’t date each other, a lot of these white guys and asian females wouldn’t be dating at all because white girls and asian males feel entitled to say no. It’s always the white guys who claim white women aren’t feminine or attractive enough or age well. It’s always the asian females who claim that asian males aren’t macho enough. And yet white women and asian males still continue to get married and live private lives. I think there is a reason that white males and asian females are disliked. It used to be a case by case basis and a matter of not minding other people’s business but the cause of its newsworthiness when it is Asian females and White guys should be investigated and not by investigating the outside parties like Asian males.

    As much as I like Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart, my heart belongs to Roland Soong.

    Don’t block my view, Jeremy Goldkorn:


  41. Ed says:

    @man You’re the most entertaining thing on this thread!! Why wouldn’t I write to you? We don’t get alot from the “stormfront.org” folks so you’re a breath of fresh air. A bit of smog, with the lingering garbage and sewage smell, but fresh none the less.

  42. Ed says:

    @man Of course, that’s why we’re passing her off to you. You can “treat” her better. I think that’s actually very considerate of me don’t you think.

  43. Ed says:

    @man Damn, scared another one away. Don’t leave man!! Promise I’ll play nice and not confuse you too much. You should probably get your ankle (along with your head) checked because you have this knack (as most covert racists do) of jumping to conclusions and I don’t know if it’s true, like you I’ve just been told, that white men can’t jump.

    Anyway, it’s been fun and don’t forget to take your medicine

  44. WG says:

    TO ASIAN GIRLS – Most white girls dont like white guys……….Do you understand??? They like Darker skinned guys because they know what white guys are really like!!! Wake up girls!!! Tall Dark n Handsome is always better than Pale, Boring and Secretly Racist

  45. Fia says:

    @WG There are a lot of white-skinned Asian people. Does that mean most white girls don’t like Asian guys either?

  46. WG says:

    @Fia I have had and have alot friends (girls) who would never date an East Asian, the reason why they wouldn’t are completly different to why they dont like white guys. I have lived my whole life in Sydney and London and verrrrrrrrry rarely do I ever see an Asian guy with a white girl or Latina. But you always see Asian girls dating white guys. Personally I think Most, not all, asian girls have awful taste in guys. An exception I have found though is with Japanese girls, usually the more tanned ones.

  47. WG says:

    @Fia The more ‘tanned’ Japanese girls regardless of the guys skin colour will see him for being handsome or not at first impression. Other asian girls I have noticed will completly give a cold shoulder to anyone with colour on them and end up hooking up with a white guy (any white guy) Overweight, sleezy, bald, old enough to be their dad etc.

  48. jodscho says:

    I’m a white guy dating an asian girl from Hong Kong, She has told me that most Chinese guys are too serious and boring. Plus she likes the ruggedness of North American men. What can I say. We have fun together and for me race is never apart of it. Although when we first started dating I noticed I got a lot of looks from both Asian men and women. It was different though, with the men it felt like what the hell is she doing with him, but for the women it felt more like a curiousity, hmmm, I wonder what that’s like.

    I think white men are more open minded when it comes to sex and asian women appreciate that. An Asian man (for the most part) can’t stand the idea of their woman having sex before they met. Honestly I wouldn’t want to marry a virgin, I’d prefer she had an opportunity to discover herself a little more.

  49. blueronin44 says:

    @jodscho You can have my allocation of Asian Girls Jodscho lol. I’m Asian American and completely understand what you mean. The Asian cultural mindset is very self-limiting to a large extent. However, you may or may not fall into some stereotypes yourself, most white dudes I see with an Asian girl aren’t exactly the alpha males of the western world.

  50. WG says:

    @jodscho I agree with most of what you’ve said, but the fact is that ruggedness you claim is not only confined to White Americans, It does however come with growing up in a western country more often than not were the expierences you have growing up In US, Australia, Canada, Germany etc are very different to elsewhere. My past history couldnt be more rugged, I wont go into details there. But what i think it is, with Asian girls new to the country is a slight inferiority complex to the white male. There mindset is a little backward and doesnt tend to happen when the girl has been living abroad for a few years, and understands that no matter what your background, your life and mindset really is no different.

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