WSJ: The Chungs: Poster Children For Lawsuit Abuse

The Wall Street Journal reports in their Law Blog, “The Chungs: Poster Children For Lawsuit Abuse” and gives an update on the Chungs & Custom Cleaners in Washington, D.C. ( had also posted back in May in “Cleaners are taken to the cleaners“):

U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform’s new Web site. I Am Lawsuit Abuse is a new “public awareness” campaign featuring individuals who have been victimized by lawsuit abuse, and the Chungs are the campaign’s poster children. The owners of Custom Cleaners in Washington D.C. were sued — unsuccessfully — by former judge Roy Pearson — a 2007 Law Blog Lawyer Of the Year nominee — over a lost pair of pants. He claimed $54 million in damages. Click here to watch the Chung video, complete with funereal background music. “At first, we were very happy. The children were doing well and we were settling into our lives here,” says Mrs. Chung, who breaks down midway through the clip.”

The United States definitely has to be one of, if not the most litigious societies in the world. Although there are many legitimate lawsuits, it’s cases like the Chung’s which make you wonder – WTF?

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