Sanrio to start making Hello Kitty stuff for Men

Sanrio, makers of Hello Kitty, announced recently that it was going to start making products targeted for young men.

Rather than coming up with something witty to say about this, I’ll simply copy and paste a recent IM conversation I had with fellow blogger, Brian.

Ernie: OMG
Brian: finally! validation!
Brian: i can break out my wardrobe with dignity
Ernie: how the fuck would you tailor guys clothes with hello kitty?
Ernie: unless she’s got guns a blazin
Ernie: or smoking a joint
Ernie: in her non-existant mouth

Which leads me to the following question: Guys, what would it take for you to buy something – anything – that has Hello Kitty on it? I would say a Hi Capacity .45 pistol, but it looks like it’s already been done.

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