Asian Americans and Gambling

The other day (2/8/08), KQED did a segment on their radio show, “The California Report” on Asian Americans and Gambling:

Casinos and card rooms provide a popular pastime for many Asian Americans, and with eight being a lucky number in most Asian cultures there might be some extra incentive to see just how lucky this year will be. For most, an occasional trip to a casino isn’t a problem — but some public health advocates worry about the growing numbers of Asian Americans who are addicted to gambling.”

You can catch the radio piece by downloading the MP3 of the show. To be honest, I never understood Asians and Asian-Americans’ propensity and interest in gambling. I don’t know any of my friends, Asian or not, who are interested in gambling, but apparently there are increasing number of Asian Americans who are and are becoming addicted.

(Flickr photo credit: alfonso benayas)

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