On Diversity, America Isn’t Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is

In “On Diversity, America Isn’t Putting Its Money Where Its Mouth Is,” The Wall Street Journal reports:

money“More than 40 years after job discrimination was outlawed, the wage gap between white men and just about everyone else persists. The one exception is for Asian-American men, whose median wages were just 1% less than those of white men who worked full time, year round, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ survey in 2005, the latest year for which data are available. Black men, by contrast, earned 74% of the wages of white males; Hispanic men earned 58%. Women, overall, are substantially lagging behind men in pay. Full-time female employees earned 77% of all men’s median wages. Breaking it down in terms of race, Asian-American women earned 78% of the median annual pay of white men; white women earned 73%; black women, 63%; and Hispanic women, 52%.”

As an Asian-American man or woman, do you feel that you are being paid for what you are worth, relative to your white counterparts? It’s pretty interesting to see that Asian-Americans are the least “wage-discriminated” against according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ figures. As the article goes on to describe, there are many factors that affect wages, including education and experience.

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