Kaba Modern’s Mike Song

America’s Best Dance Crew… Best show EVAR! At least in my opinion. If you haven’t seen the show, where in the world have you been?

Okay, so our very own Ernie did a great writeup about the extremely talented crew, but I wanted to highlight one of the members who I met a few years back through a mutual friend – Mike Song.

He started dancing in high school after he saw his bible study teacher popping at a church retreat. Having grown up in the same area as him, I have been around his mentors and colleagues (even though I don’t dance) and let me tell you this, I’ve seen some good, if not great dancers, but nothing comes even close to him. He is so clean with his isolations and so unique that it brings dancing to a whole new level. Below is a video to a short choreography bit he did for the Oxford Academy’s dance class. Check it!

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