POP 88 #21 – Q and A with Gordon Liu

I hope you all out there are enjoying your summer and I also hope it’s not as wet as mine is. We’ve broken a record with the amount of rain that has dropped in Toronto which means I cherish each good day of sunshine and heat that we get.

This episode brings you a Q and A interview with kung-fu cinema legend, Gordon Liu. He was last seen as Pai Mei as well of one of the Crazy 88’s in Quentin Tarantino’s Kill Bill. Plus, I play some requests and new music I found.

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And if you enjoy any of the music I’ve played, I ask that you please go and support the artists by buying their CD’s from the links provided.

POP 88 #21 – Q and A with Gordon Liu

Links mentioned in the podcast:
We Got Married
Heroes of the East
MasaMIXES – Mash-ups


1. Too Much (The Club Remix) – Crown J feat. Seo In Young
Album: Elly is Cinderella (Special Limited Edition) – Seo In Young (2008)

2. Third Love (Remix) – Chae Yeon feat. Red Roc
Album: First Limited Edition – Chae Yeon (2005)

3. Black Diamond – Double feat. Namie Amuro
Album: The Best Collaborations – Double (2008)

4. Sexy Purple Line (DBSK vs. Justin Timberlake) – MasaMIXES
Album: J-Bootie Vol. 1 – MasaMIXES (2008)

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